Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Ruhi Asks Yuvraj To Take Her For Shopping Because She Can’t Take Preesha With Her. He Takes Her To The Shop. She Informs Him That She Is Buying Clothe For Her Secret Friend And He Should Not Tell About It To Preesha And In Return She Will Help Him To Impress Preesha. She Asks Him To Bring One Aunt To New Year Party To Make Preesha Feel Jealous. He Thinks That He Is Trying Hard To Impress Preesha And Ruhi Also Helping Him. She Leaves From There With Rudraksh’s Clothe. He Tells Himself That Ruhi Became Preesha’s Enemy And Smriks.

Later, Preesha Helps Ruhi To Get Ready For New Year Party. Ruhi Selects A Red Saree For Her And Asks Her To Wear It. After Some Time, Meena Compliments Preesha And Ruhi And Gives Gift. Ruhi Tells Them That She Can’t Miss The Party And Leaves From There. She Goes To Storeroom And Gives Clothe To Rudraksh. He Gets Happy Seeing It. She Tells Him That He Demands A Lot. He Says That She Is Like His Daughter That’s Why He Demands These All From Her.

After Some Time, Rudraksh And Ruhi Reaches New Year Party Venue. She Asks Him To Not Come In Front Of Mukhiya’s Men. She Goes To Saachi. Rudraksh Asks Preesha To Come In Front Of Him If She Is There Then. Preesha Enters The Venue. Ruhi Goes To Rudraksh And Shows Him A Shooting Star And Asks Him To Make Wish. He Recalls The Moments He Shared With Preesha. She Tells Him That She Wished For Father. He Tells Her That He Also Wish The Same. She Tells Him That She Is Going To Meet Her Mother And Goes To Preesha. She Says That She Waited A Lot For Her. Preesha Asks Her That Where Was The Latter Till Now. Ruhi Tells Her That She Was With Rudraksh Then Realises That What She Said. She Changes Her Statement Saying That She Was With Saachi And Saachi Was Hearing Rudraksh’s Songs.

Yuvraj Comes There With A Lady. Ruhi Tells Preesha That, That Aunt Looking Pretty. Yuvraj Recalls That How He Hired Sonali To Make Preesha Feel Jealous. He Introduces Sonali To Preesha. Ruhi Asks Them To Dance. He Moves Towards The Dance Floor With Sonali. He Collides With Rudraksh But Didn’t See His Face. Rudraksh Leaves From There. Mukhiya’s Men Taunts Yuvraj. He Tells Them That He Didn’t Pay For Rent And Asks Them To Catch The One Who Actually Paid.

Dance Performance Begins. Yuvraj Dances With Sonali. Rudraksh Searches Preesha. Ruhi Notices Preesha And Thinks That It Doesn’t Looks Like Preesha Getting Jealous In Fact She Seems Happy. Rudraksh Dances With Preesha On Siddat Song And It Turns Out To Be Preesha’s Dream.

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