Yeh Hai Chahatein December 3, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Armaan demands 20 crores from Digvijay for the losses he suffered in business. Digvijay says this company belongs to both of them, he had invested in a project which had losses, even Armaan had invested in some projects before and incurred losses, he did not ask Armaan about that. Armaan says the company is his alone. Hearing that, Pihu warns him to behave with her father and recalls that Digvijay taught him business and made it successful. Armaan asks what and continues his misbehavior and threat. Pihu says that Roohi is right about being a monster. Armaan threatens to reveal her that she is pregnant with an illegitimate baby and he will kick them both out of the house if they talk loudly in front of him or fail to pay back his 20 crores in 2 days.

The next morning, Preesha tells Rudra that she cannot see her children go hungry and she has to do something. Rudra says he will find a job. Preesha says she gets a job in a local hospital but she has to feed children something. Saransh and Roohi come back with Sharda and tell them not to worry as we had bananas. Sharda says that she took bananas on credit from a fruit cart owner and will pay them immediately. Roohi and Saransh hope that their parents will not see through their lie and find a job soon. Rudra and Preesha get emotional when they hear them.

Preesha gets a job at a local hospital for a lower salary. Wardboy calls Armaan and informs that the lady he asked to spy has got a job at his hospital. Armaan orders him to make sure Preesha is kicked out of her job soon. Warbody assures him. Saransh and Pihu are very hungry when they see other children eating in the cafeteria. Roohi sees a college girl throw her extra cake in the bin, quietly pick it up and eat it. Rudra goes for a job interview and doesn’t get a job as usual. He gets the call from the school principal and goes to meet him. Principal suspends Roohi and Saransh. Rudra asks how to suspend a school administrator Saransh. The director says it is a new assignment from the curator. Armaan enters and says he is a new administrator and insults Rudra. Rudra gets angry. Armaan says that if he can’t afford food for his children then how can he afford the tuition of such an expensive school. He shows CCTV footage of Roohi picking and eating cake from the bin. Roohi apologizes to Rudra.

Rudra tells Armaan that he will pay the school fees soon. Armaan says it is 10 lakhs per child so he has to pay 20 lakhs immediately or else leave with his children. Rudra leaves with his children and warns Armaan that his time will change and he will soon fight back. Preesha checks on a patient and asks the nurse to bring the patient’s injection. Rogue wardboy switches injections and hopes Preesha loses her job and Armaan rewards his well. The patient’s condition worsened after Preesha gave him an injection. The patient’s parents are concerned. Preesha asks the nurse to bring another injection and injects the patient.

Senior doctor enters. Preesha says the patient is fine now. The doctor assures the patient’s parents that the patient is now well. He takes Preesha to his cabin and scolds her for giving the patient a wrong injection. Preesha says she gave a decision in the patient’s log. Doctor interrogates nurse who informs that wardboy took an injection from her to give it to Preesha. Wardboy accuses Preesha of accidentally giving the wrong injection to the patient. Preesha says she is confident she gave the patient the correct injection. A senior doctor scolds Preesha that her carlessness would have ruined their hospital’s reputation and fires her from her job.

Precap: Roohi and Saransh track Armaan and find him keeping Vidyuth in his hideout. They inform Rudra and Preesha about it.