Yeh Hai Chahatein December 31, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Nayan overhears a drunk man chatting and asks where he is. The man raises his hand while lying in a garbage can. Nayan walks towards him and gets angry when he sees Samrat. Samrat asks why she is behind him. Nayan says she was just walking what is he doing in a bin. Samrat says he wants to be alone. Nayan thinks he is fit to lie in a trash can and tries to leave. He stops her and asks who is in her family. She says she has a mother, a grandmother, a sister and a brother who all love her very much. Samrat says she is lucky to have a loving family, he has no one in his family who can love him. Nayan asks if he is an orphan. Samrat says he has a mother who adopted him after his real parents died, she raised him and made him a rock star but he has no one who can love him unconditionally. She says her father died in an accident and her mother has been raising them and raising them well ever since. He says they always autopsy his character. She says whatever and says she will help him out of the garbage. He asks why so. She says he won’t change, she’ll leave him in the trash. He says no, sorry. She helps him get out of the garbage can. Dil Sambhalja Zara Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu… song plays in the background.

Ishani standing on a balcony confronts god for only harming her. Mohit walks towards her. Ishani asks what he is doing here. He says he feels peace when he looks at the stars and the moon. She asks if he even walks to stars, she thought he was jovial type. Mohit says people just by looking at people’s face. She says she told the same thing to her friend. He says she looks so beautiful. She says not so nice and thanks her for the compliments. She tells him to be happy as he lives a lavish life in London and has a loving fiancée. Mohit says his life is not as perfect as it seems, even though it has problems. She says she can be a good friend and holds out a hand of friendship. He asks if she really will. She says she will listen to his problems and thanks him for his support during Samrat’s blunder. He says he likes honest friends.

Nayan and Samrat’s nok jhok continues as Nayan takes him to his room. Mohit asks what happened to Samrat. Nayan informs that Samrat was found heavily drunk in a rubbish bin. Mohit goes to get Sam lemonade. Sam pulls Nayan over him and praises her eyes. Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song is playing in the background again. He wears her glasses and says they are so thick. She says she can’t see well without glasses. Samrat says no one can change him because he is the only one and starts snoring. She thinks he has finally slept and lets him lie down on the bed properly. Mohit enters and asks what she is doing. She says she let him sleep comfortably. Mohit thanks him for considering a rock star to be human and says that Samrat craves love and care and not superficial fandom.

Nayantara returns to her room and tells Ishani how she met Samrat and how he shared his pain. Ishani says they had already talked about not judging people by their looks. She talks about Mohit and says he is already engaged to Aliya. Nayan asks not to fall in love with Mohit and just maintain a cordial friendship. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Mohit informs Samrat that Nayan helped him out of the garbage and put him to rest in bed. Mohit informs Ishani that he doesn’t love Aliya. Samrat thanks Nayan for his help and offers Ishani to join his dance troupe.
Ishani gets happy while Nayan refuses his offer.