Yeh Hai Chahatein December 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Paati gets excited seeing the resort’s decoration for the wedding and says she will sit in the front row to watch Samrat’s performance. Nayan fails to stop Paati. Samrat enters. Ishani feels excited to see him and thanks him for including her in his company. Samrat starts singing a Punjabi song. Paati and everyone praise his voice. Ishani dancing around him slips on a speaker wire and falls down, unplugging it. Everyone laughs as they see Samrat’s lip sync his song and humiliate him. Mohit realizes that the speaker wire was still on the stage and Ishan fell and slipped on it. Ishani starts crying and apologizes to Samrat. Samrat runs away furious. Mohit comforts her and says it’s not her fault. Ishani runs after Samrat to apologize to him.

Samrat furiously returns to his room. Mohit tries to calm him down and says that Ishani accidentally slipped on a wire. Aliya enters and says he humiliated her with his lip sync. Samrat says it’s Ishani’s fault, he won’t spare her. Ishani enters and apologizes to Samrat. Samrat angrily tries to hit her. Nayan stops him. Samrat exclaims why she is protecting Ishani. Nayan says Ishani is her boyfriend and Samrat whips his tongue for lip sync. Samrat says he was lip syncing his own song, Ishani ruined it. Mohit reveals his DJ’s mistake for not removing speaker wire from the stage. Nayan continues to berate Samrat describing how arrogant and mannerless he is and doubts his upbringing. Samrat even raises his hand to her. Nayan says his parents would be ashamed of him and elopes with Ishani. Samrat runs after them. Aliya asks Mohit why he supported Ishani. Samrat says it was DJ’s fault and that Samrat wrongly accused Ishani hence he made the misunderstanding clear. Aliya says that’s why she loves him. Mohit says he will go and calm down Samrat. Samrat leaves in a car. Mohit notices that and thinks where he will find Samrat now.

Nayan tries to comfort crying Ishani. Ishani says she will not get a job again and her life is not as easy as Nayan. Nayan says that even her life is not easy and describes how she is rejected because of her ugly face and her talent ignored. Ishani says her beauty is her problem and people try to abuse her. They are both determined to change their lives soon and create their own identities. Samrat’s car passes Khurana’s house and he asks the driver to stop him. Driver informs the house of his rock star Rudraksh, who died in a bomb explosion 20 years ago, none of his relatives survived. However, Samrat thinks he survived and has been suffering ever since. Driver says he is also a big rock star just like Rudraksh. Samrat shouts not to compare him to Rudra. Nayan walks out of the resort and hears an alcoholic banter. She communicates with him and finds his Samrat.

Precap: Nayan informs Samrat about his family. Samrat says he is alone and only has a mother. Ishani tells Mohit that he is lucky to be rich with a beautiful loving betrothed. Nayan supports Samrat.