Yeh Hai Chahatein December 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Nayantara enters the room and is shocked to see Samrat lying on a bed in only his underpants, holding a rose in his mouth. Samrat is also shocked and asks what she is doing in his room as she boasted that she would not see him even though he is the last man on earth, asks if she is jealous of the girl he convinced and came in instead of her. Nayan shows the access card for the room and says it is her room. Samrat shows his card and says she is in his room instead. Nayan remembers that he accidentally exchanged a card. Samrat asks what she wants to say now. Nayan says she came here by accident after accidentally exchanging her card with a girl. He pins her against a wall and says she ruined his night so he wouldn’t let her go without getting intimate with her and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and slaps him. He shouts how dare she hit him and tries to hit her back. She holds his hand and warns him not to dare touch her, she is not like his flirty girls and asks if he ever tries to hit her, she will file a harassment suit against him. He says she repeatedly invades his private space, he will press charges against her and get a restraining order against her. their argument continues. He warns her to leave. She walks away.

Paati and Chini join Malati at their resort. Kiara’s mother thanks them for coming and goes to see other guests. Malait asks Paati why she came here when she refused to accompany them. Paati says that Nayan called her and filed a complaint against Malati. Malati asks what she did too. Paati says how she can be home when her family is here, she came here to meet her rock star Samrat. Malati jokes that she is Samrat’s oldest fan. Paati wears goggles and says she looks younger than Ishani. Nayan passes by. Paati asks if she looks pretty, will Samrat like her. Nayan angrily warns her not to take Samrat’s name in front of her anymore. Paati asks what Samrat did

Samrat asks Mohit for a restraining order for Nayantara. Mohit asks why. Samrat says she stormed into his room and ruined his date with a girl. Mohit asks him to relax as they cannot just get a restraining order and call the police. His fan and Revati will find out that he is in India. Samrat continues to show his frustration. Mohit offers him alcohol and asks him to relax. Aliya enters and asks why Sam is drinking and reminds that he has to perform at Aliya’s wedding. Sam says he never compromises on his performance. After a while, Ishani rushes to the washroom to clean her haldi-stained hands. She clashes with Mohit. Lock their eyes. Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya.. song playing in the background. Ishani apologizes to him for spoiling his kurta. He acts and says he only has 1 kurta. She says he should be happy instead if she decorated his simple and boring kurta with her handprints and when she leaves her prints on someone’s heart it is impossible to remove them. Mohit leaves smiling.

The next morning, Aliya wakes up Mohit and sees haldi prints on his kurta. Mohit remembers Ishani’s lively nature and smiles. Aliya expresses her love for him and asks if Samrat is awake as he has to practice for mehandi and sangeet ceremony. Mohit rushes to Samrat and wakes him up. Samrat shares that he got a hoarse voice when he drank whiskey with ice all night. Mohit asks how he will perform now. Samrat says he will lip sync the background songs and asks him to make arrangements for it. Ishani feels happy when she thinks she would perform in Samrat’s team. Paati joins her and even she expresses her excitement. Nayan asks them not to exaggerate Sam too much as he is just an ordinary and annoying man. Ishani gets ready and rushes to Sam’s group. Mohit falls for her beauty. Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya.. the song plays in the background again. Ishani apologizes to him for being late when she got ready. Mohit says he wished she hadn’t gotten ready, then says he means she’s not late and sends her to the team. He loads Samrat’s songs into a laptop and thinks everyone will think that Sam is really singing. He notices a wire and asks DJ to remove it before someone slips and falls because of it.

Precap: Samrat lip syncs his song on stage.
Ishanli slips on the speaker wire and it disconnects. Everyone is shocked and bullies him for lip syncing. Ishani apologizes to Samrat for disconnecting the speaker wire. Samrat gets mad at her.