Yeh Hai Chahatein December 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Nayan and Samrat’s nok jhok continues. She asks him why he follows her. He says to question her the same, she follows him from the airport and has to agree that she is his huge fan like many, he can spend time with her on Saturdays as he is booked from Monday to Sunday, she can massage him and then get intimate with him. Nayan shouts that he is disgusting and expresses her anger at him. Malati tells her friend that Nayan is a reserved and quiet girl. Friend sees Nayan yelling at Samrat and asks if she really thinks that. Maalti says something must have happened for sure and walks towards Nayan. Nayan says he has been harassing her since yesterday. Malati says let her talk and takes Nayan with her. Samrat thinks this girl is really angry.

Ishani searches for Nayan and comes across Aliya. Aliya asks if she is the one who wanted to join Sam’s party. Ishani says yes. Mohit joins her and asks what she is doing here. Ishani says she came here to attend a wedding with her sister-like friend. Kiara’s mother calls everyone to attend Kiara’s haldi ritual. They spread. Malati informs Nayan that she has picked some guys for her and asks her to meet them sometime. Nayan hesitantly agrees. Many weird-behaving guys meet her, and she feels annoyed by all of them. Samrat keeps chasing girls and traps one. He gives her his room access card to visit him tonight. Nayan confronts Malati for choosing such boys for her. Malati asks her to meet some more and she goes to call. Nayan calls Paati and tells what Malati is doing. Daadi says she will come there to control Malati. She takes Chintu with her.

Aliya takes Samrat aside and asks him to sing at Kiara’s wedding. Samrat refuses and says Mohit will find another celebrity. Aliya insists and says her boyfriend wants only him to perform, it’s even her wish and he knows what she will do if her wish is not fulfilled. Samrat agrees to her for her sake. Aliya informs Kiara that Samrat agreed. Samrat’s team girls start dancing, one of them named Ayesha twists her foot and falls down. Nayan goes to Ayesha and treats her. Ishani says she can replace Ayesha. Samrat says watching dance and performing are 2 different things, he will not hire any dancer. Mohit says Ishani is a good dancer.

According to Kiara, there is no other option than to hire Ishani. Samrat agrees. Nayan assures Ayesha that she will give her medicine and perform her physio sessions daily. Kaira’s mother insists she stay behind until the wedding is over and even convinces Malati and Ishani. At night, Nayan is walking to her room when she collides with Samrat’s girl and accidentally exchanges her room access card. She enters the room and finds Samrat lying on the bed with no clothes.

Percap: Nayan angrily asks Samrat what he is doing naked in his room. He says it’s his room and shows map. She tries to leave and he blocks her away. She hits him, he tries to hit her back, she holds his hand. Ishani accidentally presses her haldi-stained hands on Mohit’s kurta. He sleeps with it. The next morning, Aliya notices his kurta.