Yeh Hai Chahatein December 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Nayan is shocked to learn that the obnoxious man is rocktar Samrat. Samrat says he is a famous rock star Samrat and asks if she is one of his fans. She says she hates his face and knows who he is. He asks what. She shows his handkerchief she found in the ladies room and says that he is the one who broke into the ladies room. She describes how she and her family suffered a loss because of him and asks how she is going to pay the rent now. He closes her mouth, asks her to stop baking, and asks how the hotel staff let her in. She says she is the one who massaged him. He thinks she is the one who broke his back, says her feet are nice but her face.. She asks what happened to her face. He mumbles is not pretty. She says let her go. He offers her a massage fee and says he knows girls like her are after money. She says it’s her hard earned money and she won’t fall for his provocative words and walks away with money. He hopes he doesn’t meet an arrogant like her again in life.

Ishani shows her dance to Samrat and asks if it is ok. He says it’s fine but he can’t hire her because his company is based in London and they only hire local people as per policy. Ishani feels sad. Nayan returns home and offers 15,000 rs to Malati. Malati feels happy and says they need 15,000 more Rs to pay the rent. Ishani enters and offers her 15,000 rs. Malati asks how she got it. Ishani says she taught dance to a few students. Malati says she will pay Mr. Tiwari’s rent. Paati praises her granddaughters. Ishani says she is Malati’s daughter. Nayan takes Ishani aside and asks why she lied about getting money from her dance workshop. Ishani says she stole Mr. Bose’s phone. Nayan asks if she has been selected in Samrat’s group. Ishani says no because they only hire locals. Nayan cheers her up and says she will find a better job soon.

Aliya’s friend Kiara approaches her. Aliya introduces her to Samrat and Mohit and says they have come here for Kiara’s wedding. Kiara insists they all move to her farm since her wedding is in the farm. Malati also receives a wedding invitation from Kiara’s mother. She informs Ishani and Nayan that they should definitely go to the wedding and asks them not to reveal to anyone at the farm that they are sisters as she wants to introduce Nayan to a boy’s family and not reject them as she sees Ishani again. Family gets emotional. Paati cheers them up.

Aliya, Samrat and Mohit reach Kiara’s farm. Kiara introduces them to her parents and asks the servants to take their bags to their room. She asks Aliya to convince Samrat to perform at her wedding. Aliya hesitates but agrees to her insistence. Malati then reaches the farm with her daughters and suggests to Nayan to correct her makeup regularly and make sure she looks good. Kiara’s mother is happy to see Malati and introduces her to her guests. Samrat is lazing around when Kiara’s mother asks him to hand over an envelope to her husband. Samrat is fuming, but Mohit calms him down. Mother then gives him flowers to hand over to Panditji followed by other things. Samrat gets angry but calms down on Mohit’s advice. He then wears a colored thali, clashes again with Nayan and drops color on her. Dil Sambhal Ja playing in the background. They get angry when they see each other.

Precap: Samrat and Nayan’s argument begins.
Mohit walks towards Ishani. Aliuya gets jealous. Malati tells Nayan that in this marriage she will find her life partner. Nayan looks at Samrat.