Yeh Hai Chahatein December 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Malati scolds Ishani and Nayan for losing her client and asks how to pay rent now. Nayan asks her not to calm down as god must have kept something special for them and she might even get a job within a week. Ishani says to cheer Malati and Nayan. After some time, Ishani and Nayan discuss that they should arrange the rent themselves and not burden Malati. Chintu enters and says that he met rock star Samrat Chaudhry today. Ishani is feeling excited. Nayan says he is in London. Chintu describes how he met Samrat and found out that he is staying at the Yellow Orchid Hotel. Ishani says that if she meets Samrat in a hotel and convinces him to take her into his company, then they can pay rent with her salary. Nayan asks if she thinks Kabir will welcome her. Ishani insists she let her try it once and convinces her to join Yellow Orchid Hotel with her.

They both reach the hotel where Nayan’s friend who is a manager there meets her. Nayan invites her for a job as a physiotherapist at the hotel. Boyfriend says she can offer her masseuse job for 15,000. Nayan agrees. Ishani goes to meet Samrat and finds Mohit instead. She confronts Mohit for lying to her that Samrat is not in India. Mohit says that Samrat is really not there. Ishani says her brother told that he met Samrat. Mohit asks what she wants. Aliya joins her and asks what’s going on. Mohit says she is Samrat’s ardent fan who wants to join his party. Ishani says she is a really good dancer. Aliya then asks him to give her a job. Ishani thanks her.

Samrat walks to the massage room and flirts with the receptionist, but the receptionist does not respond to his movements. Nayan enters praying god and starts Samrat’s massage. Samrat even flirts with her. She gets angry and roughly massages him, causing him pain. He is going to bathe. She returns to withhold the masseuse’s dress. He comes out and flirts with her again. She scolds him and walks out stamping his foot. She then realizes she forgot her phone and walks in where she finds the same handkerchief she found in the airport laundry room. She thinks she lost money because of him and will not spare him. He walks out of the washroom and flirts again. She sees his face and gets angry.

Precap: Nayan scolds Samrat for his mistake. He shuts her up and offers her money. Mohit tells Ishani that he can only hire a dancer from London in Samrat’s troupe.