Yeh Hai Chahatein December 25, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Samrat throws a roll of tissue paper at Nayan who hears her crying. Their nok jhok begins. They both pull each other’s legs. She says he doesn’t sound like a woman what is he doing in the ladies room. She says he’s a ladies’ man and reveals that there was a long line at the men’s room and he couldn’t hold it, so he stormed into the women’s room. She says it’s good there are no other ladies or he would have been punished. He says she doesn’t know who he is, she will invite him into her cubicle herself when she sees him. She frowns. He washes his hands and wipes them with his handkerchief when he gets Revati’s call and walks out accidentally dropping his handkerchief. Nayan sees his handkerchief and decides to return it. Samrat picks up Revati’s call and asks if she has arrived in Belgium. She says yes, hears passenger boarding announcement and asks Samrat if he is at an airport. Samrat says he is watching TV and changes the subject.

Ishani waits for Samrat Rangaswamy with a sign. She notices Mohit and excitedly rushes towards him. Mohit asks if he knows her. Ishani recalls their chat conversation where she mentioned that she dances well and that he should send her a ticket to London to join Samrat’s troop, and says she is glad he came to pick her up himself. Mohit says he saw Samrat’s sign. Ishani excitedly asks if Samrat is there. Mohit says Samrat is not there, he just came to see Samrat’s placard. Ishani says she is here for Samrat Rangaswamy whom she has never seen. Mohit leaves. Ishani calls Malati to send Rangaswamy’s photo. Paati picks up the phone and informs that Malati is still not sleeping well, sends Rangaswamy’s photo and switches off the phone.

Samrat arrives and waits for Malati. He finds himself turning off. Nayan sees Samrat and runs towards him. She clashes with Rangaswamy and accidentally drops dirty water on him. Rangaswamy gets mad at her. Nayan apologizes and says it’s a mistake. Ishani reaches and informs Nayan that he is Samrat Rangaswamy. Rangaswamy asks who she is. Nayan says she is Malati’s daughter. Rangaswamy yells at Nayan and takes out his frustration on her and calls off the wedding. The girl’s family walks to hm. He even humiliates them and wlaksa way. Nayan and Ishani become tense and fear Malati’s anger.

Samrat with Mohit and Aliya stops his car at the airport entrance where Nayan is standing. Nayan’s dupataa falls on her. Aye Dil Sambhal jaa Zara.. song playing in the background. Samrat’s car moves. They are heading towards hotel when his car collides with Chintu’s bike. Samrat gets out of his car and scolds Chintu for his reckless driving. Chintu says his driver is driving on a one-way street and he has defaulted. Samrat scolds driver for his mistake and apologizes to Chintu. Chintu says it’s good that he came in this direction when he met Samrat, his sister and grandma are big fans and they would love to meet him. Samrat hurriedly leaves, hiding his identity. Nayan and Ishani return home fearing Malati’s anger. They see the girl’s family informing Malati about what happened at the airport and name Nayan unfavorably. Malati confronts them and sends them away. She then scolds Nayan and Ishani for their mistake and asks how they should pay rent now.

Precap: Samrat goes to a massage parlor. Nayan seeks employment at a massage parlor and massages Samrat. Samrat taunts her, and she gets angry when she sees his face.