Yeh Hai Chahatein December 24, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Ishani talks to Mohit and expresses her wish to join Samrat’s dance troupe. Mohit asks her to send her dance video and asks where she is from in London. Ishani replies that she is from India and would come there if she sent her plane tickets. He says that since she is from India, she cannot join Samrat’s group. Ishani vapors. Nayan taunts her. After a while, Ishani and Nayan get annoyed listening to Paati singing Samrat’s song in hoarse voice. Homeowner enters and demands rent from Malati or insists she leave his house. Family asks Malati why she didn’t pay the rent on time. Malati reveals that she spent rent on Nayana’s dowry. Family gets angry for her mistake and asks who she should pay rent to now. Malati says she has made a London NRI Samrat Rangaswamy’s alliance and would pay rent with the fees she gets from Rangaswamy. Nayan cheers up family and gives a family hug.

Aliya walks into Samrat’s room and reveals that she bought India’s plane tickets for them and they would fly to India once Revati reaches London. Samrat panics fearing Revati but agrees. The next day, Revati leaves for London with Seema. Samrat, Aliya and Mohit leave for India shortly afterwards. Malati catches a fever and tries to leave for the airport to pick up Samrat Rangaswamy. Ishani and Nayan insist that she rest while they go to pick up Rangaswamy from the airport. Malati agrees.

Samrat reaches India with Aliya and Mohit and fears that his fans and media will see him. Mohit and Aliya say that they have already made arrangements for him and that he should not worry about it. Ishani waits with Nayan for Samrat Rangaswamy who is holding his placard. A drama ensues. Nayan overhears Rangaswamy girl’s family slandering Malati and Nayan and feels hurt. Sensing an urgency to use the washroom, Samrat bursts into the ladies room. He hears Nayan crying in a next cubicle and interacts with her.

Precap: Nayan asks Samrat why he is in a ladies room. He says he is a ladies man and accidentally leaves his handkerchief. Nayan finds it and considers giving it back to him. Revati calls Samrat and hears an airport announcement. Nayan drops dirty water on Rangaswamy who cancels the alliance. She tells Ishani that all this happened because of handkerchief boy.