Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with one lady hits Rudraksh’s car with her car by mistake outside the school. She apologizes to him and gets worried that her husband will scold her for damaging the car. He tells her that it’s just a small scratch so her husband won’t notice that. She gets relieved and asks him to drive carefully from now on which shocks him. She gives the tiffin box to Security guard and asks him to give it to her children.

On the other hand, few students beats one student up. Ruhi hears noise and asks them that why they are beating that student up. Those students leaves from there. She suggests to give complaint to Principal but that student denies and leaves from there. She takes Peon’s mobile and calls Rudraksh and asks him to return to school.

Meanwhile, Gopal and Saaransh reaches Vaijayanti’s office. Preesha tells Gopal that Vaijayanti would have kept her gun at Srinivasan’s house. Rudraksh tells Principal that high school students were beating the 5th standard kid. They finds that student and asks him that who beat him up. That student tells them that Ruhi lying because no one beat him up and he got bruise when he fell down while playing football.

Preesha and her team reaches Srinivasan’s house and searches the gun but they could not find it. Preesha says that she has to do something within a week. Vasudha enters the house and gets angry seeing Preesha there. She scolds Gopal for bringing Preesha. Saaransh and Gopal tells her that Preesha didn’t murder Venky and informs her everything. Ruhi tells Rudraksh that she didn’t lie. Rudraksh tells her that maybe they were friends and fought with each other.

Vasudha regrets and apologizes to Preesha. She asks her that why the latter stayed silent till now. Preesha tells her that Vaijayanti knows everything still she hided the truth from everyone. She says that Vaijayanti’s gun can expose Vaijayanti so they has to find it before her court hearing.

Rudraksh buys icecream for Ruhi. She spills icecream on her uniform. She tells him that she has just one uniform. He suggests to go for shopping but she denies saying that she can’t let him buy uniform for her. He lies to her that he wants to buy something for himself and takes her to shopping mall. He acts like he has to attend an important call and asks her to see dress in kids section.

Staff scolds Ruhi for roaming alone in the shop. Ruhi tells everything to Rudraksh. Rudraksh scolds the staff and buys many dresses for Ruhi. She tells him that Preesha will scold him. He tells her that it’s a return gift and he will manage Preesha. Meanwhile, Saaransh and Preesha enters Khurana mansion. Vaijayanti informs Preesha that tomorrow her court hearing which shocks her. She says that she prepone it.

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