Yeh Hai Chahatein December 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Ishani praises Nayan for teaching music director Mr Bose a nice lesson. Nayan scolds her to be careful and not get into trouble again. She sees a new cellphone box in Ishani’s hand and asks her to return it to Bose. Ishani says it’s her reward and she won’t give it back. Mohit asks Seema why they can’t go to India. Seema says they can’t if Revati doesn’t want to and recalls how Revati supported them after Mohit’s father, Agent Subodh, passed away. She remembers Revati offering to move to London with her. Seema asks why she wants to help her. Revati says for Subodh’s sake as he sacrificed his life for her. Seema agrees and accompanies her to London with Mohit. From a flashback, Seema says they would have been on their way or even died if Revati hadn’t helped them. Mohit says he will not marry Aliya to pay off Revati’s debt as he does not love her. Seema becomes adamant.

Revati panics when she learns about Aliya’s plan to visit India. Sam says he was unaware of Aliya’s plan and says he knows she doesn’t want to visit India because of his rascal father Rudra, who is her worst enemy and has snatched her husband and son. He says that he inherited his face and voice from Rudra and cannot forget how Rudra framed Revati’s husband in a counterfeit drug case and killed her son and died as a karma in a bomb blast out of court. He says he would have killed his father if he were alive and asks why she adopted the son of her greatest enemy. Revati says that seeing innocence in his eyes, she adopted him and turned him into a well-developed Samrat instead of the evil Rudra’s son. Sam says he adores her.

Nayan tells Ishani that amma would be angry if she saw that she has a new mobile. Ishani says amma won’t and shows her talking to Mohit who picks dancers for Samrat’s team and hopes he even picks her. Nayan says Samrat stays in London. Ishani says that if she likes to dance, Samrat can send her tickets to London. Nayan says Ishani and her impossible dreams. Revati asks Samrat to stop being emotional and party with his friends. Once he is gone she laughs and thinks Samrat is an emotional fool just like his father Rudra who believed her that she does not have his child. She describes how he had Rudra killed in a bomb attack by Subodh, fooled Seema and used her as a servant for years and did not let Seema know that Seema’s husband died because of her. She describes how she turned Sam into a womanizer and monster without any emotion.

Precap: Seema informs Revati that they have an international convention in Belgium. Revati says they will leave tomorrow themselves. Aliya shows her and Sam’s plane tickets to India. Malati tells Nayan to pick someone up from the airport. Nayan says she and Ishani will choose her client.