Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Vaijayanti asks Preesha that if the latter is fine. Preesha thinks that she should not let Vaijayanti suspect her. She says to her that she is fine. Vaijayanti tells her that the latter will be proved innocent after a week. Preesha thinks that soon Vaijayanti’s truth will be out. Saaransh sees them and takes Preesha aside and tells her to stay away from Vaijayanti. She tells him that she have more pills so they can execute their plan. She mixes pill in the juice and give that juice glass to Vaijayanti.

Vaijayanti feels dizzy after drinking the juice. Preesha takes her to a room. She asks her that if the latter is fine. Vaijayanti tells her that she is not fine. Gopal and Saaransh comes there. Gopal tells Preesha that pill started working so she should question Vaijayanti. Preesha asks Vaijayanti that if the latter changed the forensic report. Vaijayanti shook her head and says that she already knows that, the bullet and the gun won’t match. Preesha asks her that who murdered Venky. Vaijayanti tells her that she knows everything and she will tell her everything. But she faints.

Saaransh asks Preesha to wake Vaijayanti up. She tells him that she can’t do that. She says that it’s confirm that Vaijayanti knows that who murdered Venky. Gopal recalls that how he saw gun in Vaijayanti’s bag. She tells him that she is a criminal lawyer so she keeps gun with her for her safety. Gopal tells Preesha about Vaijayanti’s gun. Saaransh says that it’s possible that Vaijayanti murdered Venky. They decides to find Vaijayanti’s gun.

Next day, Preesha asks Vaijayanti about her health. Vaijayanti tells her that she slept so much yesterday and leaves the house. Preesha and Saaransh follows Vaijayanti. Saaransh informs about it to Gopal. On the other hand, Sharda tells Ruhi that she will drop her at school because Preesha left for an important work. Rudraksh tells them that she will drop Ruhi at school. Gopal meets Preesha. She tells him that Vaijayanti went into the bank. Vaijayanti leaves from there. Preesha asks Gopal and Saaransh to go inside the bank and investigate and she will follow Vaijayanti.

Gopal meets the bank manager and asks him about Vaijayanti. Manager tells him that Vaijayanti came to check her locker. Gopal lies to him that Vaijayanti send him to take the jewel from the locker and asks him to open the locker. Manager tells him that he can’t open the locker. He says that if Vaijayanti gives permission then he can open the locker. Saaransh message Preesha and asks her to talk like Vaijayanti to the bank manager. He calls Preesha and she tells the bank manager to open the locker because she only send them. Manager agrees to open the locker. Preesha hopes that they finds gun in Vaijayanti’s locker.

Rudraksh drops Ruhi at school. Meanwhile, Gopal searches the locker but he could not find any gun. Saaransh calls Preesha and tells her that there is no gun in Vaijayanti’s locker. She tells him that Vaijayanti is at her office and she is not doing anything suspicious.

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