Yeh Hai Chahatein December 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Mohit thanks Sam/Samrat for saving him from Aliya’s wrath. Sam says he did it for Aliya and she would have hit him. Mohit says he knows and asks how he got this ring. Sam says he knows his sister well, she had chosen this ring design so enthusiastically, so he had gotten her one that saved her from heartbreak. Mohit thanks him for saving his head. Sam says he doesn’t care and he’s just worried about Aliya. Aliya has rejected many boys and singled out Mohit for a reason known to her. Mohit says he likes Aliya. Sam tells him to love Aliya.

Nayan files a police complaint against the boy’s family for taking a dowry by force. The inspector says that he must therefore arrest her amma for giving a dowry. Nayan says that the boy’s family has threatened her amma to cancel the wedding if she doesn’t give a dowry. The inspector says that the boy’s family said they have not taken a dowry and asks if there is any receipt or transaction proving that her amma gave a dowry. Nayan says no and walks away disappointed. Sam and Aliya excitedly make arrangements for their mother’s welcome.

Ishani gives a dance audition to a director. The director seeks favor from her in return for selecting her and asks her to meet him at his hotel room in 30 minutes. Ishani agrees. Nayan travels in the car hoping that Ishani and Chintu’s life will settle down if not hers. She sees Ishani outside a hotel and follows her thinking something is wrong. Sam’s mother gets out of the car and comes home with Mohit’s mother Seema. Sam opens the champagne bottle and welcomes her home. It revealed that Revati is Sam’s mother. Revati hugs Sam. Aliya says even she is here. Mohit’s mother is in contact with Mohit. Sam shows a flower bouquet. Aliya says she prepared it and Sam takes the credit. Sam asks Revati about her business presentation. Revati says things went well with Seema’s help and praises Seema for her support in her business. Sam says that even Mohit supports him in his concerts and he can’t handle his concerts without Mohit.

Sam discusses the success of his concert. Aliya informs Revati that she wants to attend her friend’s wedding. Revati allows her and asks where it is. Aliya says India. Revati gets angry and asks how she dares to talk about India. Nayan follows Ishani into a hotel and sees it disappear. The principal’s wife reaches the hotel room and is shocked to see him hugging Ishani. She destroys him because he is with a young girl. Nayan notices Ishani there and scolds her for trying to compromise on her character for a job. The director’s wife accuses Ishani of framing her husband for money. Nayan warns her to watch her language. Their quarrel begins. Ishani stops them and reveals that she sensed the director’s intent and called his wife to expose him. Nayan taunts the director’s wife and slaps the director for thinking wrong about her sister. She takes Ishani from there.

Revati yells at Aliya for thinking about going to India and says she suffered a lot in India and lost everything, Aliya lost her father and brother in India. Sam warns Aliya not to talk about India anymore and upsets Revati and comforts Revati.

Precap: Seema informs Revati that they have an international convention in Belgium. Revati says they will leave tomorrow themselves. Aliya shows her and Sam’s plane tickets to India. Malati tells Nayan to pick someone up from the airport. Nayan says she and Ishani will choose her client.