Yeh Hai Chahatein December 20, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Malati begs the groom’s family to return her dowry and apologizes on behalf of Ishani. Nayan walks over and says she won’t apologize as Ishani hasn’t said anything wrong. She lashes out at the lady for calling her a bad omen for being a woman herself, and asks what if her daughter is accused in the same way. She says that she herself would not marry in such a house and reminds that it is a crime to accept a dowry. She talks about gender equality and keeps berating her and her family for demanding a dowry. She scolds Malati for giving dowry. Malati says she gave it for her children’s happiness. Lady refuses to return dowry money and accuses Malati of miseducating her daughters. Nayan threatens to file a police complaint against the woman’s family if she does not return the dowry. Lady dares to do what she can and leaves with her family. Malati breaks down more, informs guests that the wedding has been canceled and asks them to eat and go.

Neighbor laughs and says Nayantara’s wedding is canceled, she is a bad omen and her wedding will not take place in this life. Nayantara takes Malati home and says it is wrong to give a dowry for marriage. Ishani says that Nayan cannot be happy when she buys a dowry. Paati accuses Malati of wanting to ruin Nayan’s life and says she doesn’t know what her son saw in Malati that he married her. Malati breaks down and shouts that she is not her daughter’s enemy to dump her just like that and after much struggling to find an alliance for Nayan, she had to answer for the dowry. Nayan says that she buys a groom for her daughter with a dowry. Malati says that people find a beautiful face more important than a beautiful nature, she can only get Ishani married when Nayan is married and can do anything for that.

Nayan says she is complete in herself and does not need a man. Malati says she needs a man to spend her life with. Nayan says that if Malati can live without her husband, why not her. Malati says she has always needed a life partner and loneliness hurts. Nayan says they were all there to support her. Malati says she can’t be with her forever. Nayan says she won’t go so fast and should enjoy life, stop worrying about, etc. Malati says life is only complete with a life partner. The whole family hugs her. They see a breaking star and pray for Nayan’s marriage as soon as possible. In London, Rockstar Samrat, who is a replica of Rudra and a bad copy of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar movie, is introduced interacting with his fans on stage. Malati says that someone is definitely made for Nayan and he will meet her soon.

Precap: Samrat says there is someone made for her. Daadi and Ishani show his fondness for Samrat. Nayan files a complaint against the groom’s family. Samrat refuses to take a selfie with a fan because he hates his own face.