Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2022 Written Update

Rudra Walks To Preesha Seeing Her Face Smeared With Ice Cream And Says She Shouldn’t Feel Happy Thinking He Will Wipe It, He Will Not As She Is Not His Preesha. Yuvraj Walks On Street Intoxicated Cursing His Fate When He Notices Roohi, Preesha, And Rudra There Enjoying Ice Cream And Buying Balloons And Thinks Of Troubling Them. He Rushes Towards Them And Doesn’t Find Them, Thinks They Cannot Fool Him And Will See What He Can Do. He Returns To Hospital, Wakes Up Nurse, And Complains That She Is Sleeping Peacefully While Roohi Is Enjoying Outside With Her Mother And Rudra. She Says She Doesn’t Like Anyone Breaking Hospital Rules And Walks Into Roohi’s Room To Find All 3 Of Them Present There. Preesha Asks What Happened, And Rudra Asks What Is Yuvraj Doing Here. Nurse Informs That Yuvraj Complained That They Took Roohi Outside. Rudra Remembers Noticing Yuvraj Spying On Them And Rushing Preesha And Roohi Back To Hospital. Roohi Says She Wants To Sleep Now. Nurse Scolds Yuvraj And Takes Him Away.

Roohi Holds Preesha And Rudra’s Hands And Sleeps. Rudra And Preesha Nervously Look At Each Other. Chup Mahi Chup Hai Ranjha.. Song Plays In The Background. Yuvraj Watches Them From Window And Thinks He Will Not Let Rudra And Preesha Reunite. Preesha Wakes Up At Midnight To Have Waer And Notices Rudra And Roohi Sleeping In Same Style And Position. She Thinks Both Father And Daughter Are Same, Hopes She Could Have Told Truth To Them, She Is Depriving Him Of Such A Big Happiness. Rudra Turns Is About To Fall From Bed When Preesha Runs And Holds Him. Serial’s Title Track Plays In The Background. He Opens Eyes. She Moves Aside, And He Falls Down. She Says His Dau.. Roohi Kicked Him Down. He Says If She Kicks Him Also, Its Paining. She Says No. He Asks Her To Change Her Habit.

Yuvraj Returns In The Morning And Seeing Nurse Still Present Tries To Converse Her And Asks If He Can Meet Roohi Now. Nurse Says He Can During Visiting Hours. Yuvjraj Thinks He Will Ruin Rudra’s Happiness And Take Roohi And Preesha To Rothak. At Khurana House, Sharda Gets Ready And Lies To Vyjayanti That She Is Going To Satsang/Religious Gathering. They Both Promote Tata Sky’s New App Tata Play. Harda Leaves With Bunty With A Tiffin. Vyayanti Notices Them And Follows Them To Find Out Truth.

Roohi Wakes Up And Noticing Rudra On Floor Asks What Is He Doing There. He Says She Kicked Him Down In Sleep. She Asks Where Is He Hurt. He Shies To Inform She Hit His Bump. Preesha Takes Her To Bathroom And Slips While Returning From Bathroom. Rudra Holds Her. Their Eyes Lock. Kitni Baatein… Song Plays In The Background. Yuvraj Enters And Gets Angry. Rudra Says He Will Not Let Her Fall. Yuvraj Insists Him To Leave His Wife. Rudra Denies. Roohi Calls Preesha, And She Goes To Attend Her. Sharda With Bunty Reaches Hospital. Vyjayanti Follows Them And Think Whom They Came To Meet Here. Yuvraj And Rudra’s Argument Starts. Doctor Comes For Roohi’s Checkup And Says She Is Perfectly Alright Now, So They Can Take Her Home. He Asks Nurse To Get Discharge Papers Ready And Asks Preesha To Pay The Bills. Vyjayanti Questions Receptionist If Rudra Is Admitted Her. Receptionist Says No. Vyayanti Thinks Why Did Sharda And Bunty Come Here Then.

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