Yeh Hai Chahatein December 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Serial takes a 20-year leap. Nayatantar’s mother Malati excitedly takes care of Nayantara’s wedding arrangements. She asks her youngest daughter Ishani if ​​Nayan is ready. Ishani asks her not to worry as Nayan akka would be ready in 5 minutes. She does Nayan’s makeup and asks her to hurry up or else amma will come up. Gast tells Malati that she is lucky to have such good daughters. Malati says she’s right. Gast says that Malati is a marriage broker herself and gets the marriage from other people’s daughters, so she shouldn’t worry. Malati says she is right and goes to check the arrangements. Guest 2 tells Guest 1 that Malati has to give lakhs in dowry because of Nayan’s ugly look. Guest 1 says that Nayan is kind in nature and has a degree in physiotherapy, she would keep her husband and in-laws happy. Guest 2 says that people look at beauty and then at nature. Guest 1 hopes that Nayan will not have any problems after marriage.

Nayan gets ready and asks Ishani to give her specs as she can’t see anything without it. Nayan gives her glasses and asks her why she wears her old glasses on her wedding day. Malati with paati / grandmother enters. Paaati applies nazar ka tika to Nayan and says it is her right to apply tika to her granddaughter. Nayan asks how she is. Paati says she looks very pretty. Malati’s younger son informs her that panditji is calling her. Malati says she now goes downstairs to receive guests. Someone shouts Malati loudly. Malati and Ishani go down to have a look. Paati stops Nayan and tells her not to appear before her groom before marriage.

Malati and Paati walk down and find groom Ramanuj’s family injured after an accident. One of the groom’s guests blames Nayan’s ill fate on Ramanuj and his family’s misfortune. Paati warns them to stop falsely accusing her granddaughter. Lady keeps accusing Nayan and says that they had an accident even before marriage, that their life after marriage will be hell. Another guest says that they will not let their son marry Nayan. Ishani warns her to keep her mouth shut and says she will not let her akka marry into such a rogue family. Lady warns her to watch her tongue. Ishani says they are abshaguni and it’s good that her sister was saved from them. The verbal discussion continues. Lady accuses Malati of miseducating her daughters and eventually breaks off the alliance.

Malati begs them to return her given dowry. Lady refuses and asks what money. Malati recalls that she gave them jewelry worth 2.5 lakh and cash of 2.5 lakh and requested that her hard-earned money be returned. Nayan overhears that and asks Malati not to beg them and says that Ishani was telling the truth.

Precap: Nayan says she would not have married if she knew that amma gave dowry to groom’s family and threatens to send them to jail if they don’t return the dowry money.