Yeh Hai Chahatein December 18, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Sharda rushes to the hospital, worried about Rudra and Preesha. Rudra asks what she is doing here. Sharda says she heard Preesha screaming while talking to her, she was worried about them, called back on her number and reached the hospital after finding their location. Doctor says that Rudra and Preesha have minor injuries and would be fine soon. Roohi says she was shocked and concerned when she learned about their accident. Sharda sends children out and scolds Rudra and Preesha for ignoring their 2 children in search of their lost son and risking their lives. Rudra says they had no choice. Sharda tells them to frisk their son but not risk the lives of their other 2 children. Rudra says she is right. Preesha says they will be careful from now on. Sharda says we have to go home because the kids haven’t had any food since morning.

The next morning, after bathing, Rudra asks Preesha for a towel. Kids stop him and say it’s his daily routine, he should do his job himself and not bother mom. Preesha thanks god that her children understood her pain otherwise Rudra bothers her so much. Rudra says they have teamed up against him and warns to come out without clothes. Children challenge him. He comes out with a sheet on. Children run away. Rudra says he was just joking and says he can spend quality time with his wife. Preesha reminds that they have to go to court for Revati’s hearing. Rudra says yes and hopes they will soon have their third child. Preesha senses that something wrong is about to happen.

Constables goes to take Revati to jail and taunts her that she would spend her time here for her sin. Revati thinks that Rudra and Preesha would suffer instead. On the way, she asks agent if he is ready to do her given task. He begs to spare him. She threatens to take back her money and make her son suffer. Constable agrees to carry out her given task. Rudra and Preesha reach the court and find Vidyuth with Pihu and Digvijay there. Vidyuth informs them that he is joining his father’s company, taking Pihu and Digvijay with him. Rudra wishes him a happy life and says they will all have lunch after the court hearing. Sharda calls him and he informs her the same. Preesha thinks something is definitely going to happen.

Judge finds Revati guilty in Armaan’s murder case and announces her a life sentence. The police take Revati away. Rudra tells Preesha that their love has finally won. He comes across Revati and says that she is finally paying for her sins. Preesha asks to tell where their baby is. Revati says how many times she has to tell her that she doesn’t know where their baby is. Preesha says she is lying. Revati says she’ll have to figure it out on her own then. Preesha asks Rudra how they can find their baby now. Rudra says they cannot expect anything from Revati and promises to find their baby soon. Sharda brings children there. Revati is happy thinking that Rudra’s entire family would die. Roohi says that Daadi told that they are going to their favorite restaurant for lunch. Rudra says she is right and plays with her.

Revati’s puppet guard walks towards them. Rudra asks if he wants to say something. He unbuttons his shirt and reveals a bomb around his waist. Bomb blasts kill him and Rudra’s family. Revati thinks this was her plan to kill Rudra’s whole family, now Rudra’s son is her son and she will turn him into a monster. Rudra and Rudra lie on the ground and hold hands thinking that their love will never die even though they die and they are made for each other. After 20 years, a South Indian wedding is shown where a lady arranges her daughter Nayantara’s wedding arrangements. She asks her youngest daughter Ishani if ​​Nayan is ready. Ishani asks her not to worry as Nayan akka/older sister would be ready in 5 minutes. Woman says her daughter doesn’t listen to her at all.

Precap: Ishani prepares Nayan for her marriage. Their mother prays to God to arrange her daughters’ lives well.