Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Preesha asks Rudraksh to not make face and wear the shirt. He wear it. She tells him that he is looking cute and leaves the room. He says that he is not a kid and he should look handsome not cute. On the other hand, Mukhiya tells Yuvraj that he can’t wait anymore. Yuvraj says that Rudraksh would have recovered so they should go inside to kill him. Mukhiya asks him that how they are going to manage that Manager. Yuvraj tells him that he has a plan and no one can identify them.

Meanwhile, Agent tells Vaijayanti that Rudraksh’s this unprofessional behaviour is not acceptable and investors are planning to file a case on him. She tells him that Rudraksh had a genuine reason to skip the concert. She informs him that Rudraksh has got chicken pox and it’s contagious. He tells her that he will talk to the investors about it and they will understand and leaves from there. Kids hears that. Vaijayanti tells them that Rudraksh cares about them so much that’s why he is staying in the cottage.

Yuvraj and Mukhiya enters the cottage in disguise form. They books a room and sneaks into Rudraksh’s room. Mukhiya tells Yuvraj that they should wait until Rudraksh recovers completely and leaves the room.

After few days, Preesha tells Rudraksh that he recovered. He asks her that if he can go home. She nods at him. He gets ready and notices that she is upset. He thanks her and says that he is going to answer her for her betrayal. He says that he didn’t forget those 5 years pain and her betrayal. He adds that he stayed away from Ruhi for 5 years so he won’t let Preesha enter into his life. He asks her to not misunderstand that he will call her to his home. He says that Preesha has to end up in jail and Ruhi will stay with him and leaves the room. He thanks the Manager and pays the bill. He leaves for his home.

Mukhiya and Yuvraj follows him. Mukhiya’s goons stops Rudraksh’s car and they attacks Rudraksh in front of Khurana mansion. Yuvraj and Mukhiya gets happy seeing that. Yuvraj tells Mukhiya that Rudraksh has no idea that who is attacking him. Kids comes out of the home and sees that goons attacking Rudraksh. Ruhi brings the security guards. Mukhiya’s goons escapes from there. Mukhiya tells Yuvraj that he got his revenge so he has to leave. Yuvraj reminds him that the latter has to kill Rudraksh. Mukhiya says that this is enough for him and leaves for Rotak.

Preesha realises that Rudraksh didn’t shot Venky and someone else was there that day. She decides to tell Rudraksh that she took the blame to save him.

Doctor tells Khurana’s that Rudraksh is fine. Rudraksh says to Sharda that he is living for his kids. Ruhi tells Saaransh that she can’t see Rudraksh like this. He tells her that they did wrong with Rudraksh. She agrees with him. They feels bad and hugs each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh brings Preesha to Khurana mansion and tells Rudraksh that Preesha will stay there from now on. Later, Vaijayanti tells Yuvraj that she is against Preesha and she is doing all this to become Mrs. Rudraksh Khurana permanently. Saaransh hears that.

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