Yeh Hai Chahatein December 16, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Rudra gets romantic with Preesha. Preesha asks what he is doing, move aside. Rudra says he hugs his wife and says a lot has happened these days, let him romanticize his wife. Preesha says it’s not Khurana House, Sharda and kids are around. Rudra says they will think the couple has a romance. He notices that Preesha’s bracelets are making a noise and ties them with a thread. Shiddath Banaloon Tujhe.. song playing in the background. He starts romance and drops kitchen utensils. Sharda and the kids wake up, she tells us to go to sleep outside and count stars, because they can’t do that in Khurana House. Roohi says let’s call mom and dad. Sharda says that Preesha will ask them to sleep early so that they should not disturb Preesha and Rudra. She takes children outside and loudly informs Rudra that children want to sleep outside.

Rudra tells Preesha that his mother knows that they should spend time together. He gets romantic again with a romantic song in the background and puts Preesha to bed when her mangalsutra breaks down and she worries and thinks something wrong will happen and they will break up again. Rudra comforts her by saying that their identity is their love and they will always be together even if they die and are made for each other. He refixes mangalsutra and puts it in her neck. They become romantic again.

The next morning, Rudra blindfolds his family and takes them to Khurana’s house. Digvijay, Pihu and Vidyuth shout surprise..welcome them. Rudra says that Chachaji asked them to bring them here and surprise them. Digvijay says he is returning what is theirs. Pihu performs their aarti. Preesha happily embraces Rudra. Digvijay says he has handed over all the properties and businesses that Armaan had snatched from Rudra and returns the papers. Rudra thanks him and says that he has given his life back. Digvijay says he has returned what belongs to Rudra. Preesha feels anxious and thinks something bad is about to happen. After some time, Rudra calls the inspector and asks him to ask Revati where his baby is. The inspector says she refused to reveal anything. Rudra asks him to find out where Revati stayed before coming to Delhi.

Children are hesitant to sleep with Rudra and Preesha to give them some space. Rudra and Preesha insist and sleep with children. Once they sleep, Rudra wakes up Preesha and takes her to the terrace for a romantic champagne date.

Precap: Inspector informs Preesha and Rudra that Revati is not opening her mouth about their children, but she had called a pharmacy and sent medicine to an address. They reach the address and find the door locked. Preesha says her son might be here. Revati meets agent and asks if he knows what to do. Constable wears a bomb around his waist.