Yeh Hai Chahatein December 15, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Rudra asks the inspector to arrest Revati as she killed Armaan. Revati accepts that she killed Armaan when he conspired to give her 100 crores of lying to Rudra and Preesha that their child is with her while he knew she doesn’t have their baby, he wanted to hire someone’s child and prove it from Rudrand Preesha and separate them by creating a misunderstanding between them. She says that Armaana was very angry and would kill her so she found a knife and stabbed him before he would have killed her. She acted in self-defense. Rudra asks why she didn’t go to the police then. Revati says she was scared. Rudra says whatever the reason, it is proven that she killed Armaan. He asks the inspector to release Preesha and GPS and arrest Revati. Revati says she didn’t kill Armaan on purpose. The inspector says she can put her side at the police station and arrests her.

Revati in the police van grins and thinks that Rudra doesn’t know why she killed Armaan. She remembers Armaan called her and told that he couldn’t Rudra and Preesha even after many conspiracies, so he wants to use their child and separate them. Revati asks why she will return a child she kidnapped from Rudra and Preesha. Armaan says that he can only get Preesha through this child and property to give her 100 crores in exchange for a baby. Revati agrees and asks him to visit her hotel room. thinks Armaan is so greedy that he won’t give her money and would kill her instead, so she will kill him before he kills her. She visits Armaan in jeans and a hoodie. Armaan asks what she is doing here in this suit. She says she came to take him. He turns. She stabs him with a knife. Armaan falls down and asks why she betrayed him. Revati asks why he thought she would give Rudra and Preesha’s baby, she needs a baby not money, she wants them to suffer as she suffered without her son.

Armaan struggles to get the knife out of his stomach. Revati asks him to die peacefully and let her escape with Rudra and Preesha’s baby. Armaan begs to save him. She asks why she would have stabbed him if she wanted to save him. She deletes her call log from his mobile and leaves from there. From a flashback, Revati thinks she had made a plan when she saw Rudra in a hotel lobby. She remembers how she manipulated Rudra into believing that she killed Armaan in self-defense; she knew that Rudra would have her arrested, but she doesn’t know that she has a trump card that will get him out of jail and destroy Rudra’s life. She further recalls meeting his loyal agent and transferring him 50 lakhs for his son’s treatment. She asks constable to help him in return. Constable agrees. She explains her plan to him. In flashback, she smiles at the officer who smiles back. She thinks Rudr and Preesha thought the story ended with her arrest, but the real story begins now; they won’t know she’s set a trap they can’t get out of.

Polcie takes Revsati to the police station. GPS asks what she’s doing here. Rudra says that Revati is a real killer. GPS thanks Rudra for keeping his promise and says let’s see if the police will do justice or not. The Inspector says they will make sure Revati gets a sentence through a speedy court. Revati thinks Rudra and Preesha will be shocked to see her next move. Rudr and Preesha return home and tell Sharda that Revati is the killer. Sharda is shocked and says she is happy that her children are safe and tells them to start over now. Digvijay apologizes for his mistake and returns all the wealth and property that Armaan had snatched from them. Rudra thanks him. Preesha asks Rudra how they get their son back from Revati. Rudra assures her that she will get their son’s whereabouts from Revati. Preesha remembers Revati’s grin and thinks something is wrong.

Percap: Judge finds Revati guilty of Armaan’s murder and announces 10 years in prison. Rudra’s family returns to Khurana’s house. Constable informs Revati about this. Revati reminds him what to do. Rudra gets a call and tells the family to leave their house.