Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Police inspector tells Vaijayanti to call that number and find out that Preesha kidnapped Rudraksh or not. Vaijayanti says to him that Preesha can’t do that. She calls that number and learns that Rudraksh staying at hotel. Manager knocks Rudraksh’s room door. Rudraksh opens it and asks him that why the latter bothering when he is adjusting with Preesha. Manager informs him about Vaijayanti’s call.

Rudraksh tells Vaijayanti that he is staying at hotel and asks her to send someone to pick him up. Preesha says to Rudraksh that he can’t leave now. Vaijayanti and Police inspector hears Preesha’s voice. Preesha takes the phone and tells Vaijayanti that Rudraksh is with her and he has to stay with her. Rudraksh asks her that why he can’t leave and who is she to stop him. She asks him that why he is scratching. He tells her that it’s itching that’s why he is scratching so what’s the problem with it. He adds that it must be mosquito bite. Manager says to Rudraksh that hotel is small but its clean.

Preesha shows Rudraksh’s stomach to him saying that he has contracted chickenbox. Rudraksh tells her that children get that infection so it must be some allergy. She says to him that it’s contagious and what if the kids get infected so he have to stay back. Vaijayanti agrees with Preesha and disconnects the call. She tells Police inspector that Rudraksh infected with chickenbox so let him stay over there. And moreover Preesha is there to take care of Rudraksh. She apologizes to him for troubling him. Then she thanks him for helping her.

Rudraksh and Preesha goes to a room. He asks Preesha that why she is tearing her saree. She ties his hands. He tells her that her intentions doesn’t seem right. She tells him that if he scratched more than it will lead to wounds. He says to her that he won’t scratch and asks her to untie him. But she denies.

Meanwhile, Ruhi tells Saaransh that no one got to know that they sent Rudraksh to a wrong place. Vaijayanti hears this and she questions them. Saaransh says to her that Rudraksh sent Ruhi’s mother to jail that’s why.

Rudraksh asks Preesha to release him saying that he can’t tolerate this itching. She tries to help him. He asks her to not take advantage of his situation. She applies medicine on his body. They shares an eye lock. He says to her that love is over then why she is showing fake concern to him. She tells him that she still loves him and he would have ruined his life for her that’s why she left and leaves from there. He tells himself that she lied to him about Ruhi’s birth and he can’t get those 5 years back.

Vaijayanti informs Sharda about Rudraksh’s chickenbox and also about Preesha’s bail. Yuvraj hears this. He decides to tell Mukhiya about Rudraksh’s location. Preesha says to Rudraksh that she is going to feed him but he denies. She eats her food. She asks him that if she can feed him. He stares her.

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