Yeh Hai Chahatein December 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The police arrest GPS and take him to the police station. Pihu and Digvijay notice that and ask the inspector why GPS has been arrested. The Inspector informs that GPS is now the prime suspect in Armaan’s murder case and frees Digvijay. Pihu asks how this happened. The Inspector says that Digvijay proved that he was at Sohanpur ATM at 02:50 AM when Armaan’s murder happened, so with new evidence, he is sure that the killer is GPS or Preesha, or both of them killed Armaan together. Pihu and Vidyuth say he is mistaken. The inspector warns them not to interfere with his investigation and asks officers to bring GPS and Preesha. Preesha asks him to let her talk to her husband for 2 minutes. Inspector permits. Preesha asks Rudra to check Armaan’s call records as the killer must know Armaan in advance and must have visited him after calling him beforehand; just as the police think they and GPS have a motto to kill Armaan, even a murderer must have a motto. Rudra promises to find the killer and free her and GPS soon.

Rudra walks over to the inspector and asks to check the call logs from Armaan’s murder day. The inspector gets angry and warns Rudra not to teach him anything. Rudra asks to show him call logs. Inspector refuses. Rudra calls a technician who helps him retrieve call logs. He notices 3 unknown numbers and calls them. First and second number turn out to be Armaan’s office number and caller’s number. A third number turns out to be a taxi driver who, after much research, reports that Armaan had booked a taxi but did not get in. Rudra thinks that Armaan wanted to meet a killer with a taxi and asks what Armaan’s drop off location was. Driver says Hotel Blue Diamond.

Rudra reaches hotel Blue Diamond and waits in the lounge to God praying for help. He is shocked when he sees Revati there and thinks what is she doing here. He follows her and reaches her hotel room. Revati is shocked to see Rudra and tries to close the door. Rudra forcibly enters and says she can’t escape now, she killed Armaan. Revati reacts shocked and says she didn’t kill Armaan. Rudra asks why she came here. Revati says she has some work here and is not involved in Armaan’s murder. Rudra says there is a connection when Preesha revealed how she stole their son with the help of Armaan. Revati says she didn’t steal his son and yells to get out. Rudra asks why Armaan booked a taxi to come here. Revati refuses his allegations and says he knows nothing. she warns him to leave from there or she will call hotel security.

Rudra forcibly checks Revati’s mobile and reveals that she is calling Armaan repeatedly. He says the police will now do their job. Inspector reaches Revati’s room with his team and Preesha. Rudra tells Preesha that she is right that someone who knows Armaan well killed him, Revati is Armaan’s murderer and it is proven with her call logs. Preesha slaps Revati and threatens to reveal her where son is before she does anything wrong. Revati stops her and asks if they are crazy to accuse her, she doesn’t have their son. Preesha slaps her again. Revati says she has no child from anyone, it was Armaan’s scheme that made her lie in exchange for 100 crores. Rudra asks why she lied then. Revati finally agrees that she killed Armaan.

Precap: Sharda finds out that Revati had killed ?Armaan and tells the family that they will now start over. Preesha senses that something wrong is about to happen. Revati thinks she has accepted Armaan’s murder according to her plan. Preesha’s mangalsutra breaks down and says she is sure something wrong is about to happen.
Revati thinks that even in 7 lives they will not find out what she will do with them.