Yeh Hai Chahatein December 12, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Preesha and Rudra ask the inspector who the killer is. Inspector says they all know him well, he is Saransh. They are all shocked to hear that. The inspector says that Saransh sent this murder weapon, it proves that he is a murderer. Rudra and Preesha refuse to agree and ask if he has any proof. Inspector shows CCTV where a goat walks in with a murder weapon tied around its neck. He sends the weapon to the forsenics lab and checks CCTV footage further, but can’t find who sent that goat. They then go to a nearby goat farm where the owner identifies Saransh as the one who stole a goat instead of getting a job.

In a flashback, the inspector says that Saransh had sent a murder weapon. Rudra says that the farm owner is lying. Preesha says there is some confusion as Saransh can never do wrong. Agents bring in Saransh. Saransh begs Rudra and Preesha to save him. They comfort him and assure him that nothing will happen to him. Saransh describes his story where Roohi and Saransh visit Khurana’s house to find out why Rudra and Preesha have not returned home yet. They are shocked to see Gopal come out of the house with a blood-stained knife and blood-stained hands. They follow him. From the flash, Saransh says that he and Roohi are shocked to see that and follow Gopal. He further recalls that Gopal dug a ground and buried a knife wrapped in a shirt. He says that they returned home afterwards and learned about Armaan’s murder in the morning, then realized that Gopal had killed Armaan with that knife and buried it underground.

Saransh continues that he and Roohi were so scared for Preesha’s life that Roohi got sick, so he took out the knife and sent it to the police station via a goat to help them investigate the case in a proper way. Preesha asks if he is sure he saw Gopal coming out of Khurana’s house and if he saw him kill Armaan. Saransh says that they did not see Gopal kill Armaan, but saw him leave Khurana’s house with a blood-stained knife in his hand. Sharda with Roohi enters. Rudra asks her why she brought Roohi here. Sharda says that Roohi wanted to meet Saransh and cried uncontrollably, so she brought Roohi here. Roohi tells Preesha that she did all this.

Precap: Preesha says, just as the police thinks she and Gopal had a motto to kill Armaan, the killer must also have a motto, so he has to check Armaan’s call records and find out the killer. Rudra calls and reaches hotel Blue Diamond where he finds a lady (who looks like Revati) there.