Yeh Hai Chahatein December 10, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Roohi tells Saransh that Mama is at the police station, they have to reveal to everyone what happened that night. Saransh says they will be in trouble if they reveal that secret, the police will release mom without finding any evidence against her, and if not, they will tell mom the truth. The next morning, Rudra gets the call from the inspector and goes to the police station with Digvijay, Pihu and Vidyuth. The inspector informs that according to forensic report, Armaan was killed around 3 am and there were strangulation marks on Armaan’s neck. It will take 12 hours to find out whose fingerprints are on his neck. He further shows a ripped dupatta piece found in Armaan’s room. Pihu accepts it her dupatta piece and she left it when she spied on Armaan during the party. The inspector says she may have been killed, Armaan, because he tortured her boyfriend.

Pihu says she didn’t because she went to see a doctor around 3 a.m. after experiencing severe stomach cramps. Vidyuth says she is right and remembers taking Pihu to a gynecologist who treats her and tells her that she was having cramps due to stress or something unusual. Pihu tells the inspector that they left the clinic at 4 AM, he can contact a gynecologist at Surya clinic. The inspector asks the agent for cross-verification and tells Preesha that she is still under suspicion. Constable informs the inspector that they have found other evidence at the scene of Armaan’s murder and gives him a button. Digvijay gives Pihu’s excuse and leaves from there with Pihu. He comes home to find his jacket’s button is missing, figures out how he could make such a big mistake and burns the jacket in the garbage. Pihu smells something burning and walks into Digvijay’s room to find him burning his coat. She finds one of the jacket’s buttons missing and asks if he killed Armaan. She lights the fire and says that he betrayed them all and made everyone accuse Preesha. She tries to leave with coat. Digvijay stops her and accepts that he had visited Armaan but did not kill him.

An inspector with officers enters to arrest Digvijay on Armaan’s murder charge as a jacket button belongs to him. Digivjay asks if he has any proof. Rudra enters and says he is the proof. He recalls asking the inspector to check CCTV footage of the party, as Armaan was a well-built man and the killer must be his acquaintance or Armaan would have resisted the killer’s attack. The inspector checks CCTV footage and finds that Digvijay is wearing a jacket with such buttons. From a flashback, Rudra says that Digvijay committed murder and put Preesha in jail instead of him. Digvijay accepts that he had visited Armaan but did not kill him. Rudra says he is lying. Digvijay says that he has received a notice from Armaan to leave his house. He recalls calling Armaan’s attorney and tongue-lashing him for sending a legal notice. He thinks he has always supported Armaan, but Armaan wants to kick him out of his own house.

He enters Armaan’s house through the back door and confronts him for trying to snatch his house. He recalls that he taught Armaan business and is equally entitled to his business and home. Armaan says he grew the business and took away what he deserved. Their argument continues. Digvijay angrily slaps him. Armaan attacks him and throws him out of the house. Digvijay’s jacket button breaks during their fight.

Precap: Pihu tells Sharda that the police arrested Preesha and now Digivjay before, they are both innocent. Roohi tells Saransh to tell what happened that night. Vidyuth tells Pihu that he wants to tell her something. The inspector arrests him. Rudra asks the inspector if he found any evidence. The inspector says he’s found a killer.