Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 25th March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Dhanraj gets angry at Saroj as Saroj scolded Sayuri unnecessarily. He says that she is a good mother, a good daughter-in-law but she ruins all this because of her hatred. He explains to her that she should let go of hatred or else it will only harm her. Here Chiru comes to Kanha and applies for medicine on his leg. Kanha tells that he cannot do this because he is his elder brother.

Chiru says that he used to do all this to him even in his childhood. Kanha says that time he was a child but now he has grown up. That’s why he won’t let him touch his feet. Just then Nakul comes there and says that he is her younger brother so he can apply ointment on his injury. He then tells them that they should also tell him what is going on. Kanha tells him that Chiru likes a girl.

Here Pihu says that she also wants to go to Saroj’s house and break the glass of her house. Rashmi says there is no need to do anything like this. Dadi says that they should prepare for cooking. Indu asks Sayuri if she is worried about anything else. Sayuri asks her why Saroj hates her so much. Indu says that she should not be so worried about Saroj.

Here Nakul asks Kanha and Chiru who does Chiru likes. Kanha tells him that Chiru likes Sayuri. Nakul is shocked to hear this. Then Saroj comes there. Chiru feels that Saroj has heard everything. But she had not heard anything. She tells all of them that from today onwards they will not talk about Sayuri because it is because of her that they get in trouble and then Dhanraj gets angry with her.

Kanha further says that Sayuri has created a rift between them and that he will take her away from Chiru. Here Sayuri dances to relieve her anxiety. She imagines that Chiru is also dancing with her. Just then Chiru’s call comes to her. She picks up his call. He apologizes to her. Sayuri says that he has not done any mistake so he does not need to apologize to her.

Chiru says that from today onwards Kanha will not bother her. He tells her that now she too should leave her anger and calm down. Sayuri says fine. She then hangs up the phone and goes to her family. Rashmi gets happy seeing Sayuri happy. The next morning Chiru is going to the washroom. Kanha says why is he getting ready so early today. Chiru says that he is going to the meeting. Kanha does not believe him. He thinks that he is going to meet Sayuri. On which Chiru gets angry and he scolds him.

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