Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 24th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Krishna talking against Sayuri and Chiranjeev’s affair. Chiranjeev tells him if he wants to meet Sayuri then he should meet like Hanuman ji to tell her how much he loves her. He adds he loves Sayuri since their families were friends. Now they are enemies but he still loves her. Chiranjeev’s mother worries for him and tells his father that the girl will destroy Chiru’s life. Her husband tries to make her understand that Chiru is an adult now. He can take his own life decisions. Nakul worries for his brothers and his friend cheers him up and tells him to choose one hand. He chooses one and she says everything will be alright. He says she reduces his stress a lot.

Krishna tries to convince Chiranjeev saying Sayuri is not a good choice for him and Chaudharys won’t accept her ever. He should forget her. Chiranjeev takes stand and says he loves Sayuri more than anything in this world. Just how his family is important for him Sayuri is equally important. Krishna says can he tell this to his mother? Chiranjeev says he will convince her somehow and Krishna should not provoke Saroj at any cost against their relationship else he can’t live without Sayuri. Krishna tells him not to talk like that.

Chiranjeev leaves and Saroj gets furious seeing Sayuri. She tells everyone not to interfere and asks Sayuri why she came into Chiranjeev’s life and ruining him. Chiranjeev speaks something but Krishna stops him. Krishna says he got hurt because of Sayuri. She spread broken pieces of glasses. Sayuri’s family argues with Saroj that how can she accuse Sayuri like that. Saroj says she cant stand her and they should leave the locality. Sayuri’s mother says she believes in their upbringing which they gave to Sayuri. She can’t intentionally hurt someone. It was an accident.

Piu says Saroj only knows how to get into a fight. Sayuri says no matter what happens Saroj blames her only. Krishna shuts her up and they get into an argument. Sayuri’s dadi says Krishna should also notice that how Saroj keeps eyes on their family through mirrors. Saroj gets shocked and leaves. She tells her sons to come home. Sayuri and Chiranjeev look at each other.

Krishna tells Chiranjeev to go to room. Sayuri says she hates Krishna to the core. She breaks down to tears in her room and her family consoles her. Her sisters Cheer her up saying she should recall her father’s song and relax. Its Saroj’s bad mentality not hers. Sayuri hugs her mother and cries. Krishna talks to someone over phone.

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