Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Sayuri is doing household chores. Some boxes are about to fall from her hand but Chiru manages them. Sayuri smiles seeing him. Here Kusum tells Saroj that the bhajan is over so she can remove her hand from the ear. Saroj apologizes to God as she cannot even hear God’s hymns from Sayuri’s mouth. Chiru comes home. He thinks that he should tell Krishna about Sayuri.

He goes to Krishna and wakes him up. Krishna says that he is not going to get up. Chiru says that whoever bathes first today will bet first. Nakul and Krishna stand on hearing this. They both run towards the bathroom but Nakul enters the bathroom first. Krishna tells Saroj that Nakul is very bad. Saroj says that he has spoiled Nakul. Further Krishna thinks that today he cannot give up.

He starts bathing outside in the garden. But still Chiru first takes the blessings of Saroj and wins the game. Saroj then tells them that today Pandit ji is going to come and she is going to talk about Chiru’s marriage. Chiru is shocked to hear this. Whereas Krishna and Nakul do not want Chiru to get married because Chiru’s love will be divided after marriage. Saroj laughs at their point and says that they will never improve.

Sayuri asks Chiru in the message if he spoke to Saroj. Here Sayuri sees that Dadi is doing household chores. She helps Grandma. While a romantic novel falls from Priya’s bag. Sayuri sees this. Priya feels that she is going to get scolded. But Sayuri says that her age is yet to read all this. Priya opens the first page of the book in which Nakul’s name is written. She starts smiling.

While Sayuri later learns that Indu wants to get her married. Priya says that they should not be in such a hurry for Sayuri’s marriage. Pihu says that Priya should also get married to the same boy who is Sayuri’s husband’s younger brother. Priya thinks that if Sayuri gets married to Chiru, she can also marry Nakul. Here Chiru tells Saroj how he can marry a stranger.

Krishna asks him if he has liked any other girl. He refuses. Saroj asks him to promise that he will not take away this right from her. He says fine and messages Sayuri that he has not been able to tell anything to Saroj. Krishna further asks Chiru if he is hiding anything from him. He refuses. While Nakul suspects that Chiru likes some other girl. Here Sayuri gets happy seeing her father’s bike.

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