List of Top Water Treatment Companies in Pune

Water Treatment Companies in Pune

1. Watervision Systems

Watervision Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water treatment plants, Waste water treatment plants and others. Established in the year 2009, since then we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying quality products to our valuable clients worldwide. Backed by advanced technology and capitalizing on years of industry experience, we design and develop water allied products which ensures high performance at low cost. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified company which helps us to deliver world class quality product range with total satisfaction guarantee from us.

2. Marcuras Water Treatment

Marcuras Water Treatment is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of water solutions, dealing with water related challenges. Our expertise includes Customized RO, NF & UF Plants, Softening & DM Plants, Clarifiers, Settlers Filters and ETP STP plants. We also supply Desalination Plant and Zero Liquid Discharge plants. With our experience in the industry we can provide you with best-in-class products that suit your requirements. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help build your business or expand it then look no further than Marcuras Water Treatment!

3. Aquayash Water Tech

Aquayash is the preferred India’s leading water purifier brand & solar system. Customers satisfaction has made us the No.1 choice in water purifier brand. Aquayash Water Tech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a strong legacy of manufacturing Superior quality Water Purifiers to the people across the India since 2006.

4. Envicare Technologies

Envicare Technologies is a global company with branches in Pune, Malaysia and Dubai. The company provides effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, filter presses, demineralised water plant and other products for the industrial market. Envicare Technologies has been growing at an unprecedented rate of 30% annually to become the world’s leading provider of wastewater management solutions.

5. SG watertech

SG watertech is an innovative, customized and practical solution provider for water treatment with the utmost dedication to customer service. Keeping in mind the desired outcome of optimum cost effectiveness, we offer AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), Repair Refurbishment, Consultany, Supply/Erection & Commissioning, Up-gradation Retrofitting and STP Tank Cleaning Services.

6. Dhara Water Corpotation

Dhara Water Corpotation is a leading Manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis Plant, Water Purifiers, Automatic Water Softener, Mineral Water Plants, Demineralization Plants and Ultrafiltration System. We offer End to End solutions for water treatment plants which includes consulting services for site selection and design.

7. Yash Enviro Tech

Yash Enviro Tech India is a trusted name amongst environmental solution provider companies in Pune, India. Manufacturing and supplying water treatment plants across the country is just one of their many services they offer. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified for dealing with manufacturing, importing, exporting and installing WTPs, ETPs and STPs as well as providing Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for these products. Yash Enviro Tech also provides environmental service such as soil remediation to remove oil spills from the ground.

8. Era Hydro Biotech Energy

Era Hydro Biotech Energy is a global company with manufacturing facilities in India. They offer water treatment plants, sewage treatment systems, biogas plants and solar thermal panels for domestic usage. The company has been in business for over 10 years and has experience in manufacturing waste water treatment plant, rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant with bio-gas technology and solar energy power generation unit.

9. Deccan Water Treatment

Deccan Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. (DWTPL) has been a pioneer in the field of water treatment for more than two decades with its Indian and international customers, as well as from various industries. DWTPL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that manufactures Reverse Osmosis Systems for drinking water, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plant & effluent treatment plant to meet the need of any industry whether it be pharmaceuticals or food processing units. The company’s mission statement is “to provide safe and clean potable water through sustainable technologies” which they achieve with innovative solutions like their Arsenic Removal Process using Reverse Osmosis Technology which removes arsenic upto 99%.

10. Unicare Technologies

Unicare Technologies is a renowned name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Water Treatment Plants. We also provide installation and maintenance services for all the water plants manufactured by us. Our range of products includes Mineral Water Plant, Industrial RO Plant, De-Mineralization Plant, Ultrafiltration Plant, Iron Removal Plant and Sand Filter to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Besides that we offer Swimming Pool Filtration systems for swimming pools with high quality filters to remove impurities from the pool water.

11. Ideal Systems & Services

Ideal Systems & Services is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. They are also service provider of Erection Commissioning Service, Maintenance Service and Rain Water Harvesting Service. The products are manufactured with the best grade raw material and hi-tech tools as per the set industry standards. These products are highly demanded because of their optimum performance.

12. REMONDIS Aqua India

Remondis Aqua India is a leading company in the field of wastewater treatment and recycling. Our commitment to innovation, safety and reliability enables us to provide environmentally friendly solutions for all industries.

We are dedicated to providing innovative, safe and reliable solutions for the treatment & recycling of wastewater across all industry sectors by partnering with industries. We offer Environmental services which includes Wastewater Treatment Services, Water Treatment Services as well as Effluent Treatment Services.

13. Va Tech Wabag

Va Tech Wabag is a global company with four decades of experience in water management solutions, and the only Indian company in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. The company offers total water solutions for governments, industries and communities across the world. WABAG has proven expertise in developing sustainable technologies such as desalination plants, membrane technology-based drinking water systems, wastewater treatment systems, greywater recycling projects and rainwater harvesting structures.

14. Nixie Engineers

Nixie Engineers is a leading water treatment company in India. They have more than Rs.30 crore turnover, and an engineering office at Pune and factory at Belgaum. Nixie Engineers offers Containerized RO plants, Membrane Bioreactor, Online SDI Meter, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Sewage Treatment Plants and Two Bed DM Plant.

15. Tropicaal Waters India

Tropicaal Waters India Pvt. Ltd. is a growth and customer centric organization in the field of Water Treatment, Wastewater and Sewage Treatment-Recycling technologies and models. Tropicaal Waters India offerings include Reverse-Osmosis Plants (Industrial & Domestic version), Mineral Water (Packaged Drinking Water) Bottling Plant, Domestic RO Systems, Ultra Filtration System, Swimming Pool filtration system, De-Mineralization Plants, Water Softeners, Clarifiers, Hydro-pneumatic systems, Car Wash treatment Plant , Fluoride & Iron removal system and Dosing systems.

16. CH Four Energy Solutions

CH Four Energy Solutions is a leading, specialized and dedicated service provider for Waste Management. We offer end-to-end solutions from designing to execution and commissioning of Biogas Plants (solid waste to energy plants), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). CH Four Energy Solutions also take Annual Operation & Maintenance Contracts (AMC)for all these plants.

17. Thurmax

Thurmax is a global engineering company that provides sustainable solutions in energy and the environment. It offers water and waste solutions, steam engineering, outsourced utility delivery services on boot, operations and maintenance; boiler & heater services; cooling services. Thurmax established in 1996 and Thurmax is public owned company.

Thurmax engineering company providing sustainable solutions in energy and the environment. Thermax’s solutions reach clients in 88 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, USA and South America.

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