Vidrohi 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Kalyani asks why you worry, what do you find in daddy’s stuff, you are hiding something. Jagabandhu says I… Radha says I will say, my earring was lost, so he came here to find it. He says yes, don’t know where it is. Kalyani says forgive me. Radha asks her not to worry. Maharaj and Maa do the rasam to authorize the marriage of their children. Jagabandhu asks why you lied. Radha says to protect you from answers, you didn’t want to tell Kalyani that Maharaj had a connection with the British. He asks if you knew this, and Kalyani? She nods and says that Kalyani doesn’t know how can Maharaj do this, marriage is not possible now, when the reason for marriage is over, tell the truth to Kalyani. He says be careful, Kalyani should know. She asks how to maintain a relationship with her now. He says that our marriage bond is strong, I have feelings of love for Kalyani, she has done a lot for this house, it is now my duty. She says Rodang will think you’re with the East India Company too. He says that after that I will find all solutions, I will try to end their cooperation with the British. Radha is crying. She says I understand, what are you going to tell her, maybe she won’t accept this. He then says she shouldn’t know, Maharaj has come under pressure from the British, see this bloodstained necklace, something happened on the way, Mohan didn’t reach, you have to support me, you are with me. Radha says yes, I am always with you.

Maharaj bestows the idols on Maa. He says I want to meet Bheem. She’s worrying. He says I know Bheem did you all wrong, but he is a relative, I want to meet him sometime. she says well, I will send guards with you, it is not good to go alone. He says don’t worry, I will meet him from outside. She says fine, I’ll show you the way. Jagabandhu comes to take care of Kalyani. He sends the girl away. She asks him to sit down. He asks if Maharaj has said anything about Mohan. She says his cart got stuck, he’s coming today. He thinks it’s not that simple. Maa comes and says the puja is done, Maharaj asked my permission to meet Bheem, I said yes but I felt strange. Kalyani says Dad knows what Bheem did to us. Jagabandhu says you both think a lot, maybe he went to Bheem as a relative. He finds this very strange. Roy stops Maharaj and says well done, you are now Fletcher’s friend and helped us, I want to meet Bheem privately now. He threatens about Mohan. Jagabandhu comes there and thinks why Maharaj wants to meet Bheem. Roy meets Bheem and says Fletcher sent me this gift. I need your signs to file a case in court, Rodang will be split in half, one half will be yours, Jagabandhu will never have any right, so sign it. Bheem smiles and prints his thumbprints. Roy thanks him. Jagabandhu see Maharaj and ask why you want to meet Bheem, are you hiding something, I have this necklace with bloodstains in your room, tell me the case, I am here to help you. Maharaj says that when we left for the wedding, Fletcher’s men kidnapped Mohan, threatened me and forced me to sign the partnership papers. I gave up for the sake of Mohan, maybe you won’t marry Kalyani now, what can I do, I can’t risk my son’s life, I’m sorry, you have to do something, Fletcher can do anything. Jagabandhu says I will bring Mohan back safely. Roy watches.

Mohan screams for help. Roy calls Gadadhar there. He says Jagabandhu is smart and powerful we need someone braver and smarter like you it is your responsibility to check this boy Jagabandhu should not reach Mohan we promised you we will take you back to Rodang with all due respect. Gadadhar says don’t worry, Mohan is the brother of Kalyani, brother of the enemy, I will not shy away from killing Baxi.

front hood:
Radha asks Jagabandhu to tell the truth, Kalyani should know about her brother. Amba gets the note from Gadadhar. Roy says he’s with Fletcher, you tell Kalyani about the partnership. Guard says we didn’t find Mohan anywhere. Kalyani says you lied to me.

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