Vidrohi 8th February 2022  Written Update

Jagabandhu Recalling Kalyani’s Words. He Goes Out And Talks To Amba. Radha Sees Him And Thinks Is He Thinking To Bring Gadadhar Back, No, He Won’t Do This, I Trust Him. Jagabandhu Meets Bheem In Prison. He Says I Have To Get Gadadhar Back. Bheem Says Good, Your Mum Has Sent You To Get Her Son Back, Blood Is Blood, Just I Can Bring Gadadhar Back, Free Me, I Will Get Him. Jagabandhu Thinks. Bheem Says Your Mum Is Missing Her Son, You Do What You Should Do, Free Me. Jagabandhu Takes The Keys To Leave Him.

Radha Comes And Stops Him. She Says I Told You About Gadadhar, He Used Tilotamma And Tried To Flee, He Also Tried To Kill Kalyani By Burning Her Alive. He Asks What, Why Didn’t Maa Tell This To Me. She Says Maybe She Didn’t Wish To Give You Tension, Kalyani Said Herself That Time, But Anything Could Have Happened. He Says Yes, You Are Right, I Was Making A Big Mistake By Freeing Bheem And Getting Gadadhar Back, Gadadhar Will Never Come Back. He Goes. Radha Thinks You Changed Your Decision On Hearing Kalyani’s Name, You Changed A Lot. Maa Asks Maid To Make Good Arrangements For Kalyani’s Family. Tilotamma Comes To Argue About Gadadhar. Maa Says He Has To Become A Good Person, Then He Can Come Home, Go And Sleep Now, Pray That Gadadhar Regrets His Doing And He Changes, Like I Do Everyone.

Kalyani Thinks Of Jagabandhu And Smiles. He Comes To Meet Her. He Says You Asked Something And I Can’t Give It To You, Sorry, I Can’t Let Gadadhar Come Back, Maa And Tilotamma Would Be Happy, But He Had Ill Treated You, Everyone’s Security Will Be In Risk, He Tried To Kill You, What About Radha And Baby’s Safety, How Will We Manage Everything. She Says I Just Wanted To Bring Him For Maa’s Sake. He Says I Decided That He Won’t Come Back, Say Something.

She Says I M Glad That You Respect My Feelings, You Gave Me The Gift, Don’t Worry, Go And Sleep Now. He Leaves. She Sees Her Letter Burning. She Pours Water And Saves It. Radha Asks Jagabandhu To Get Ready Well. She Says I Had Promised To Always Support You. She Cries. He Consoles Her. She Shows Her Fav Bangles. He Says I Will Make You Wear It. She Says No, I Will Wear Later. He Says You Are Doing A Lot For Kalyani And Me, Its Not Easy. She Says Yes, Get Ready Now. Maharaj, Kalindi And Mohan Are Excited To Meet Kalyani. Maharaj Asks Mohan Not To Gift A Sword In Wedding, It Can Break Relations. Mohan Says Then I Will Give Something That Jagabandhu Likes Me. Maharaj Says He Will Like You A Lot. Maa Asks Kalyani To Wear The Red Saree And Get Ready. Kalyani Says I M So Excited For The Marriage, I Didn’t Feel This Happiness Last Time, I Want Everyone To Be Happy. Maid Says Radha Has Sent This Milk, Rose And Kesar Bowl For You. It Falls Down. Maid Calls It A Bad Omen. Maa Asks Her Not To Say Nonsense. Maid Goes. Kalyani Worries. Mohan Says I Will Gift My Necklace To Jagabandhu. Maharaj Smiles. Mohan Says I Love Kalyani, She Will Be With Baxi Now, I Like This Necklace, Even This Should Be With Baxi Now. Maharaj Asks Him To Hurry Up Now. Fletcher And Guards Come There. They Get Maharaj At Gunpoint. Kalyani Worries For Mohan And Maharaj. She Asks Radha To Help Her Select Jewellery. Radha Says Come With Me. Fletcher Says You Already Got Late, Take Some More Guests Along.

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