Vidrohi 6th January 2022 Written Update

Gadadhar Insulting Kalyani. She Argues With Him. He Says Your Dad Had Sent You Here For Your Protection. He Says You Will Never Get The Respect Of Baxi’s Wife. She Says Remember, Truth Always Wins. He Says Wrong, I Would Have Become Baxi Till Now, My Brother Always Gets The Praise, He Is No One To Me, I M The Real Blood Of This Family, Not Him, I M Fighting For My Rights, Truth Is Nothing, There Should Be Power, No One Is Agreeing To You, You Have No Power, Your Husband Also Ran Away. She Says Your Thinking Is So Bad. He Says I M Not Bad, I M Made Bad By Situation And People, Be Careful. She Says You Also Be Careful, Accept Your Crime, I Will Save You. He Says I Will Be Ready To Die Than Getting Your Pity. He Goes To Talk To Maa. Kalyani Comes There. He Leaves. She Asks Maa To Help Her. He Stops And Thinks Will She Tell Maa About Amba And Me. Maa Says I Can’t Help You. Kalyani Says Its A Riddle, I Like To Make Riddles And Then Solve It, It Makes A Mind Sharp.

She Asks Maa To Solve The Riddle. Gadadhar Hears This And Worries. He Thinks She Knows That We Have The Guard’s Wife And Child Captive, Did She Make Them Run. He Goes. Kalyani Says I Have Some Work, Tell Me If You Can Solve It. She Runs After Gadadhar. Kalyani Reaches The Dark Place. He Meets The Guard’s Wife And Child. He Threatens Them And Goes. He Says Everything Is Fine, How Did I Get Confused, Just Amba, Me And Radha’s Mum Knows About This. He Says Its Time To Kill Them Now. He Locks The Door And Goes.

Kalyani Comes There And Gets Food For Them. She Asks Them To Trust Her. They Come Out. Radha’s Mum Asks About Amba. Gadadhar Says She Went For Some Work, I Was Confused Hearing Kalyani’s Riddle And Went To Check The Guard’s Family, Everything Was Fine. She Says She Fooled You. Kalyani Says I Know You Were Helpless To Do This. Nirmala Says Forgive Me, I Will Tell The Truth To Baxi. Kalyani Says Have Food And Leave, You Have To Stay Alive, Take This Food. They Take The Food And Eat.

Gadadhar And Radha’s Mum Come Back To Check. They Don’t See Anyone. He Says I Will Ask Guards To Stop Them, You Go, It Will Be A Problem. She Goes. He Says Kalyani Will Come To Save Radha If She Heard This, I Will Use This Against Kalyani. The Guard Says We Didn’t Find Them Anywhere. Gadadhar Says Fine, You Just Keep Finding Them. Kalyani Gets Dressed As A Maid And Comes To Radha’s Room. Radha And Her Mum Argue With Maa. Maa Says Don’t Question Jagabandhu. Kalyani Hides. Radha’s Mum Asks How Can He Leave Radha Alone And Go. Maa Says I Asked Him Not To Be Partial. Radha Says Yes, It Shows That Kalyani Is Innocent In His Eyes, If He Doesn’t Have Sympathy For Him, Then He Would Have Not Done This. Maa Says You Are Doing Partiality. They Argue. Maa Says Jagabandhu Left, Even Then Radha Feels The Same, She Is In Delusion, It Has No Cure, He Wants Justice. Radha’s Mum Says Everyone Got Blind Here, I Want To Go Back, But I M Not Able To Go, I M Afraid That No One Will Stand By My Daughter Here, When She Needs Everyone’s Faith And Support. Maa Says You Think You Are Giving Her Strength By This Support, No, You Are Making Her Weak, We Will Know What Kalyani Did, She Will Be Punished If She Is Wrong, If She Is Innocent, Then Will You Accept This. Kalyani Hears Everything.

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