Vidrohi 5th February 2022 Written Update

Radha Coming To Talk To Jagabandhu. She Hears Kalyani And Him Talking. She Says Society Hasn’t Accepted Me As Your Wife. He Says I Won’t Go There Without You. She Says Radha Has To Go There In Puja, Fine, I Will Come With You. Radha Goes. Maid Asks Which Saree Did He Choose For You. Radha Says This One. Maid Says His Choice Is Good. Maa Prays. Tilotamma Prays And Says I Used To Go In Puja With Gadadhar, This Year, I Can’t Go In The Kuldevi Puja. Maa Consoles Her. Tilotamma Asks When Will He Come, Where Is He, Tell Me. Maa Says I Understand Your Pain, You Can Forgive Him, But I Can’t. She Goes.

Radha Recalls Jagabandhu’s Words. She Says I Had Announced Kalyani As Kuldaasi, I Had Been Much Strict, So I Fell In His Eyes. She Burns The Letter, But Manthara Stops Her. She Asks Radha Not To Have A Clean Heart Always. She Speaks Against Kalyani. She Says You Burn This In Front Of Jagabandhu, He Should Know That You Are The Old Radha, Calm, Sensible And Big Hearted, If You Have To Reach Him, Then Become Imp Than Kalyani.

Tilotamma Secretly Goes To Meet Bheem. She Says Maa Doesn’t Want To Bring Gadadhar Back. He Says Kalyani Has To Leave Rodang, Then Gadadhar Will Come Back. Manthara Says You Are Right, I M Worried For Radha, I M Scared That Radha Will Be In Pain All Life, Kalyani Has To Leave. Tilotamma Asks Why Do Everyone Like Her. Manthara Says We Should Make Jagabandhu Have Bitterness Against Kalyani. Bheem Asks Them To Do This Work, Make A Way And Then He Will Take Them To The Destination. They Smile And Nod.

Radha Comes To Jagabandhu. She Says I Can Understand How Bad You Felt When I Announced Kalyani As Kuldaasi, I Can Rectify My Mistake. She Shows The Papers And Says Burn This. He Asks What. She Nods. He Says I Got My Radha Back, Who Had A Big Heart, Where Were Was Radha Till Now, I Got You Back. She Smiles. She Says I Know You Told Kalyani What I Think About Your Relation, Her Heart Would Be Light Now, It Was Imp For Her To Know This. He Says No, It Was Imp For Me To Get My Radha. She Thinks I Have Got You Back After A Long Time. She Smiles.

Its Morning, Maa Asks Why Did You Call Us. Radha Asks For Kalyani. Kalyani Comes. Radha Says I Was Waiting For You, I Want To Tell Everyone, I M Sorry For Hurting You, I Apologize For My Mistakes. Kalyani Says I Know Why You Are Doing This, Because You Still Think I M A Stranger, Not Like Your Younger Sister. She Hugs Radha. Manthara Smiles And Thinks Radha Is Doing Right. Radha Asks Them To Come To The Temple. Everyone Goes. Radha Keeps Her Hand Over The Diya And Swears That She Accepts Kalyani As Baxi’s Second Wife. Kalyani Keeps Her Hand Over Radha’s Hand And Says I Swear That I Will Always Protect This House Prestige And Respect. Maa Smiles. Jagabandhu Also Keeps His Hand And Says I Swear That I Will Marry Kalyani In Front Of Everyone So That Nobody Insults Our Marriage. Maa Asks Why This Decision Suddenly. He Says I M Already Married To Kalyani, But Not In Front Of The Society, So Society Didn’t Accept Her With Respect, This Time, I Will Marry Kalyani Once Again. Kalyani Says Its Not Needed, You And Radha Are With Me, Its Enough For Me. Radha Says No, He Is Right. She Cries And Says Your Decision Is Right. She Unites Their Hands. She Says I Will Do All The Marriage Preparations.

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