Vidrohi 4th January 2022 Written Update

Kalyani asks the guard about the family of the main guard. She is going to meet her family. The guard’s wife complains that he was stealing things and causing trouble. Kalyani believes that he would not have killed himself. She gives the bracelets to her to help the lady. She goes. Both laugh. She says I’ll try to get you a job. The man says that the guard who came to Sabha yesterday, died in jail, Vaid Ji said that he died from consuming some poison, Kalyani went to his house, perhaps to offer condolences to his wife. Jagabandhu asks alone. The man says he does. Kalyani arrives. Jagabandhu says I know where you come from, I will help you, but tell me the truth. She thinks you won’t believe me. She says the guard committed suicide in jail. Radha comes and asks why Kalyani went to that man’s house. Jagabandhu thinks how Radha knows this. Kalyani says I went there to find out why he lied, I have to know that he died. Radha calls that lady. Gadadhar and Amba look on. Lady Nirmala says that Kalyani came to bribe me, he was asking me to lie, he bribed me and gave me his jewelry. She goes. Radha scolds Kalyani. She says I’ll decide. She goes. Kalyani says that the woman is lying, I did not go to bribe that woman. Jagabandhu says do anything to make yourself innocent, there are only 6 days left. She holds her hand. She says I can have faith in your eyes for me, I will never let this faith break. She says whatever happens in two days, my faith cannot save you, my faith also asks for proof. He goes. Maa comes to him. She says everything is signing against Kalyani, my heart still can’t believe it. Maa says I know you will support Kalyani, do the right thing.

Jagabandhu calls Gadadhar and asks him to help him if there is something. Imp. Gadadhar says no, I told you everything. Jagabandhu asks Do you think that man told the truth? Gadadhar says no, he maybe he was lying, why would Kalyani do this? She will not do this. Jagabandhu asks who would catch Kalyani. Gadadhar says yes, it is someone’s conspiracy. Think Jagabandhu.

It is in the morning, Jagabandhu talks to the family. He says why that loyal guard deceived us, it is about Kalyani, she is my wife, I decided to give this case to Gadadhar now. Kalyani says the problem increased. Gadadhar says that I will uphold my responsibility well. Jagabandhu says that until this investigation happens, I will not stay here, I do not want anyone to ignore Gadadhar and seek help for me, when the time to make a decision comes, I will return to Rodang. Radha asks if you are afraid that your faith will break in Kalyani, are you running from this truth?

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