Vidrohi 25th February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Radhamani pacing here and there being tensed about Baxi’s safety. Subarna sees her and ask to stop being worried, reminding her about her unborn child. Radha replies that she can’t able to stop herself from thinking about Baxi. At that time a soldier comes there and gives a letter of Kalyani to Radha. She was expecting some news from Baxi, but still takes Kalyani’s letter and starts reading it. She notify Subarna that both of them are safe and declares that they are planning to do something massive. She continues that Baxi have decided to rebel against the Britishers and is going to meet Maharaja Mukund regarding the matter to take his help.

Here, Subarna gets doubtful about Baxi’s idea of rebel and thinks if it will work or not? Whereas, Radha assures her. At that time she feels her baby’s moment in her stomach and smiles stating that he will also becomes like his father, whereas Subarna agrees.

Baxi tells Kalyani about Britishers plan to make Maharaja Mukund the president of the temple in order to lure him to stay with them. He says that of Maharaja doesn’t agree to help them then their fight against the Britishers can’t be possible. He becomes worried, while she comforts him and states that everything will be fine. She ask him to remove all his doubt from his mind and insists him to think positively.

Elsewhere, Kalyani feeds food to Baxi and encourages him. He shows his gratitude towards her. Whereas, at that time a soldier comes there and notify them about British soldiers troubling Jaggu and his mother. They both rushes to help them and sees the soldiers punishing them. Baxi stands in between them and shows his support.

Baxi starts beating the officer, while other people gets hold of every British soldiers. Bahubali comes in between and separates Baxi from the officer and stops him. He gets a letter from Maharaja Mukund and reads it. He gets elated learning that Maharaja is ready to help them as he is frustrated with Britishers behaviour.

Ahead, Kalyani comes forward and encourages Baxi to start the rebel. She says that they all are with him, while he fells more Powerful. She gives him sankh while he blows it up and announces the beginning of the fight against the Britishers.

Warren receives a letter from Baxi and gets shocked seeing the ashes. He gets furious while Gadadhar also gets dumbstruck seeing it. Warren gets scared and announces about getting help from all their partners and decides to teach Baxi a lesson. He also ask Gadadhar to look after Rodang, while latter agrees and leaves from there.

Further, Baxi worries about the fight and says that they needs swords. Kalyani assures him and says that they should imply Gorilla technique to fight against the Britishers. She praises Baxi’s fighting skills and assures that they can do it. Baxi gets impressed with Kalyani’s idea and decides to do it. Later, she gets prepared to fight along with them them but Baxi denies her. He says that he can’t take risk with her life while she gets upset. At that time a soldier notify them about the swords given by Maharaja for their help and ask Kalyani to look after it and transfer it to the safe place without any problem. He also ask her to send a letter to Radhamani, while she agrees to do it.

Precap:- Baxi enters the office of Britishers and fight against them, while Kalyani transfers the weapons to Radhamani along with a letter. Whereas, Warren confronts Radha and questions about the weapons. Meanwhile, Baxi gets caught by Warren and latter ask his soldiers to shoot him.

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