Vidrohi 23rd February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Radhamani telling Kalyani about the deal in between Badamba Naresh and the Britishers. The latter gets shocked learning about it and confronts Baxi asking if it’s true? He bends his head whereas she gets heartbroken thinking that he have hided the truth from her. She rebukes him for betraying her trust and reminds him about their promises during their marriage. He tries to explain her the situation and says that Badamba Naresh was forced to accept the deal to save Mohan’s life. She scolds him for hiding about the danger on her brother’s life and shows her disappointment.

Here, Kalyani says that how she was enjoying her marriage being unaware of Mohan’s kidnapping and blames everything on Baxi. She cries stating that marriage is nothing without trust. She says that their marriage was based on a relationship between Badamba and Rodang. She concludes that after the deal of Badamba Naresh’s and the Britishers, the relationship with Rodang is ended and so their marriage is also baseless.

Baxi tries to explain Kalyani about his intentions towards hiding the matter, but she stops him and ask to leave. He goes away being furious, while Radha witnesses their fight. She follows Baxi and tries to calm him while he shouts at her and starts throwing the furnitures of his room.

Elsewhere, Radha tells Baxi about the letter which she received from Badamba Naresh and the reason why she informed Kalyani about the truth. He scolds her and determines to bring back the deal papers of Badamba Naresh from the Britishers office.

Radha gets shocked learning about Baxi’s plan and tries to stop him. She worries about his safety while he states that he will end all the problems by doing so. He says that he have to gain Kalyani’s trust back and declares that he can do anything for it. He leaves from their to notify his soldiers about his plan.

Ahead, Tilottama gets inside Gadadhar’s room and shows him the signature stamp of Baxi. He gets elated and ask her to give it, but she ask him to sign a legal papers before taking it. She says that he have to promise that he will only be with his first wife and won’t go to Amba, while he agrees to sign it. He takes the stamp from her after signing the papers and gives it to Amba.

Tilottama gets shocked and confronts Gadadhar while he notify her about Amba being his first wife. Tilottama gets dumbstruck while they both ties her on the chair and determines to take his revenge. Whereas, Banthara notify Radha that Kalyani have decided to leave. Meanwhile, Radha shares her worry regarding Baxi’s safety and decides to take Kalyani’s help.

Further, Baxi explains his plan to his soldiers. At that time Bahubali also joins him along with Shankar. He tells them about his motive, while Bahubali objects Baxi’s plan and says that it is dangerous. Whereas, Shankar supports Baxi and shows his trust on him. Later, Radha meets Kalyani and explains her why Baci haven’t notified her about the truth. She says that he cares a lot for her and then apprises about his plan. She reminds Kalyani about their marriage vows and ask to protect Baxi.

Precap:- Baxi takes his sword to fight against the Britishers, while Kalyani comes there and confronts him. She questions him about his plan, to which he replies that he is going to get the deal papers. She proclaims to join him and says that they have to throw Britishers out of their country. Baxi agrees with her and determines to rebel against the Britishers.

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