Vidrohi 21st February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Baxi staring at Kalyani as she keeps her head on his legs while sleeping. He adores her innocence, whereas at that time Radha comes inside their room and gets shocked seeing their closeness. She controls herself and smiles looking at Kalyani. She notify them about the first Rasoi of Kalyani and ask her to come to the kitchen. She immediately leaves from their being hurt and shares her problem with Banthara. She tells how Baxi and Kalyani was close to one another like a husband and wife. Banthara instigates her against them, while at that time Kalyani comes there.

Here, Kalyani asks Radha for her help stating that she doesn’t know what to cook for Baxi. Whereas, Radhamani replies that he will like everything which she will cook for him with love. Kalyani tries to ask Radha to help her in cooking, but gets confused seeing her rude behaviour and goes away.

The servant notify Subarna about Kalyani cooking for Baxi, while latter shows her happiness. At that time Tilottama comes there to bid adieu to Subarna as she is shifting to the outhouse along with Gadadhar to fulfill their punishment given by Subarna. Baxi gets shocked learning about it, while Amba comes there and reveals about Tilottama’s truth. She accuses Tilottama for spiking Gadadhar’s drink and food, but Subarna denies to believe it.

Elsewhere, Tilottama herself accepts her crime and agrees to Amba’s allegations. She cries telling that she does it to control Gadadhar as she wants him to stay with her and not to go to Amba. She tells how she gets hurt seeing her husband away from her, while Baxi remembers Radhamani’s pain and gets flashes of his promise towards her. Subarna punishes Tilottama and ask her to return back to the palace only after repenting her deeds.

Amba notify Gadadhar that how Tilottama use to spike his drink, while he holds his head in pain stating that he does remember anything since he entered inside the palace. Amba concludes that Tilottama use to give him spiked drink since he came back to the palace.

Ahead, Tilottama gets inside the room and apologises to Gadadhar, seeing him furious. She says that she have done everything to keep him with her, while he ask if she can do anything for him? To which she agrees. He smirks thinking about something evil, while Amba gets suspicious and reminds him that he agreed to help Baxi to fight against the Britishers. Gadadhar says that his family doesn’t trusted him and that is why Subarna had thrown him away, he declares that he will go against them.

Baxi confronts Kalyani and notify her that he can’t be able to give her any child. She gets shocked and ask if anyone is forcing him to do so? He denies and apologises to her, while she cries stating that it was her dream to have a daughter. She says that if he is worried about Radha’s third condition then she promises that she won’t let her child to be the heir. She says that she is not ready for a sacrifice of not having a baby and leaves from there.

Further, Baxi thinks about Radhamani’s condition and says that he can’t deny her as it will affect her and the baby too. Whereas, Kalyani serves her handmade food to Baxi as the ritual, while Banthara senses some issues in between Baxi and Kalyani. She notify about it to Radha, while Baxi praises Kalyani’s food and then she goes away giving a look to Baxi. He tries to stop her but she declares that she wants to stay alone for a while and taunts him before leaving.

Precap:- Radhamani reveals about the deal in between Badamba Naresh and the Britishers. Kalyani gets shocked learning about it and confronts Baxi being hurt for hiding it from her. She accuses him for betraying her trust and says that love isn’t anything without faith.

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