Vidrohi 1st February 2022 Written Update

Maa Asking The Maid To Sere The Food Well To Jagabandhu And Kalyani. She Asks Him Didn’t He Like It. He Says Its Good. Kalyani Comes And Sits To Dine. He Sees Her And Thinks I Trust You, I Had Hidden Things From You To Protect You. Kalyani Stays Upset. They Argue. He Leaves The Food. Kalyani Stops Him. He Sees Maa There. Kalyani Says I Will Go From Here, You Don’t Go. She Goes. Manthara Sends The Maid. Amba Says You Are Calling Radha Soon, Why Are You Afraid. Manthara Says You Were Scared That Bheem Cheated You, You Had To Help Kalyani Also, Don’t Think You Can Stay Here Like Before, Better Go From Here. Amba Says I Will Go, But You Try To Stay In Servants Room With Radha. Manthara Asks What Nonsense. Amba Says I Have Seen Jagabandhu And Kalyani Close, Radha Will Be Out Of Their Lives, Then Even You Are Useless. Manthara Worries. She Goes To Maa And Argues. She Says I Think Jagabandhu Has Fallen In Love With Kalyani. Maa Says No, They Both Have Fought For Rodang Together, They Have Respect, Not Love. Manthara Asks Why Did Kalyani Cry For Him, You Will Be Responsible For Radha’s Sorrow. Maa Is Shocked. She Goes To Jagabandhu And Asks Why Are You Upset. He Says Kalyani Was Also Worried Like You, I Should Have Told Kalyani About My Plan, She Is Upset, I Forget Radha And Kalyani Are So Different, Radha Understands My Decisions, Kalyani Questions It And Argues With Me, We Both Were Together In This Plan, But In The Imp Plan, I Didn’t Involve Her, Its My Mistake, Radha Is Calm Like A River And Kalyani Is Strong Like A Rock, She Has Always Encouraged Me. Maa Cries.

Maa Asks Do You Love Kalyani. He Asks What Are You…. He Sits Worried. Maa Says Radha Was Afraid For This. He Says I Didn’t Want This Either, But It Just Happened, It Wasn’t In My Control, Kalyani Is My Wife, I Have Always Seen Her As My Responsibility But Now… She Says She Has Become More Than A Responsibility, I M Your Mum And Can Understand Your Dilemma, Remember This, Radha Is Pregnant, Don’t Do Anything That Hurts Her. He Says I Can Take Care Of Her.

He Says Kalyani Risked Her Life For This House Safety, I Had Hurt Her Heart, I Should Apologize To Her. Maa Nods. He Goes To Kalyani. Kalyani Recalls His Words. He Says I Trust You, So We Had Fought Together, You Risked Your Life, You Think I Won’t Trust You. She Asks How Did You Decide It Again. She Asks Would You Bear The Pain Of Losing Me If You Were In My Place, Maybe Yes, You Don’t Care For Me. He Says No. She Asks Don’t You Feel The Change As I Do, Am I Still The Namesake Wife For You. He Says This Relation Is Just About The Collaboration For Radha’s Sake, We Can’t Forget This. She Goes. She Says It Means You Also Feel The Same For Me. She Writes A Letter For Him. She Writes… I M Worried That Our Lives Will Get Tangled, I Have To Do Something That’s Better For All Three Of Us. She Goes To His Room And Sees Him Sleeping. She Keeps The Letter There. She Thinks I M Doing Everything By Thinking Well, Its In Our Favor. She Leaves.

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