Vidrohi 15th February 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Warren confronting Badamba Naresh in front of Kalyani and ask if he haven’t told her about them? Kalyani gets confused while her father interrupts Warren and takes the gift from him. He ask him to leave, while latter agrees and goes away from there giving an indirect warning to Badamba Naresh. Whereas, Kalyani gets inside Baxi’s room along with the gift. She notify Baxi about the matter and opens the gift in order to see what is inside it. At that time Baxi interrupts her and brings her towards himself to get close. She blushes hearing his romantic feelings and both gets lost in each other’s world.

Here, Tilottama comes there while Kalyani sees her and pushes Baxi away. She rushes out of the room while Baxi sees the gift of the Britishers and starts checking it. He finds the deal papers of Badamba Naresh with the Britishers and gets shocked. He tries to hide it but at that time Subarna calls him.

Subarna gets inside Baxi’s room and drags him out towards the temple to remove the evil eyes from him. He keeps the papers back and goes with his mother. She removes all the evil eyes and blesses him and Kalyani. Whereas, Baxi sees Radhamani and takes her aside.

Elsewhere, Radhamani gets happy seeing Baxi talking to her but he ask her to remove the deal papers. She feels hurt thinking that he only cares about Kalyani and unwillingly goes to do his work. Whereas, Banthara hears their conversation and follows her daughter inside Baxi’s room.

Banthara stops Radha from destroying the deal papers, while she ask her mother to stay away. Her mother tells how Baxi doesn’t care about her and advice to let Kalyani learn about the deal. Radha denies and says that she don’t want to lose trust of Baxi. She declares that she is only left with Baxi’s trust and can’t affor to lose it. She expresses her love for Baxi and breaksdown stating that she can’t live without him.

Ahead, Radha puts the papers inside the fir and goes out of there, while Banthara feels bad for her daughter. Meanwhile, Tilottama ask Subarna to accept Gadadhar back, whereas she replies that she have given him a chance and wants to wait till he proves himself right. Whereas, Amba thinks about Gadadhar’s changed behaviour towards herself and suspects that he must be planning something.

Kalyani gets the deal papers inside her room and while Baxi gets shocked seeing it. He engages Kalyani and takes away the papers. He scolds Radha for not doing her work properly, while she replies him back and burns the papers again. Whereas, Banthara hears their conversation secretly. Baxi apologises to Radha while she feels hurt seeing his love only for Kalyani. Meanwhile, Badamba Naresh and Baxi decides to keep Kalyani away from any problem.

Further, Banthara burns Baxi and Kalyani’s wedding dress. Whereas, Radha gets shocked seeing it. Banthara denies to accept her deed, while Baxi ask her to stay out of their matter. He shows his love towards Kalyani and says that she looks beautiful in any outfit. They both shower their love for one another, while Radha gets sad seeing them close. She goes away from there, while Banthara ask the servant to get Kalyani ready for the marriage.

Precap:- Radhamani removes all her jewelleries and breaksdown asking to get Baxi back. Whereas, Subarna makes Kalyani ready for the marriage. Radha wishes to stop Baxi and Kalyani’s marriage, while Banthara consoles her and assures that there is a way to stop the marriage.

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