Vidrohi 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Kalyani waits for Mohan at the door. She talks to Tilotamma about him. Tilotamma misses her brother. The guard comes and says Mohan’s cart broke down, it will take time to fix it, he can’t come today, don’t worry, he’s fine. Kalyani says wait, take these candies for the guards. He goes to Jagabandhu and says I told her like you said. Kalyani asks how long you want to hide the truth. He says Fletcher kidnapped Mohan, my doubt was correct, Maharaj was under pressure and signed the cooperation papers, I understand his dilemma, Kalyani shouldn’t know about it. She asks how this is possible, anyone can tell her about this. He says right, you have to help me. Amba gets a note from Gadadhar and runs to him. Jagabandhu comes to Kalyani. She misses Mohan. She says I’m waiting for him, what happened, guess what. He says the marriage will have no outsiders, only family. Mom asks why. Manthara thinks he doesn’t want Kalyani to know the truth. She asks if we refuse the guests to come, what will they say. Maa asks Kalyani why he decided this. Radha comes and says he doesn’t want my health to suffer, people may mock me, not everyone knows the reason of this marriage, forgive me Kalyani, this is happening because of me. Kalyani says don’t say this, it’s okay to have the marriage in a normal way. Maa says I’ll send the letters and gifts to the guests. He thinks I won’t let you get sad this time Kalyani. Amba meets Warren/Roy. He tells her about Gadadhar. He says Fletcher promised to make him Rodang’s Baxi. Amba says you cheated before too. She thinks she will meet Gadadhar. He says greed gains confidence, he does what we tell him, you will do what we want too, go and tell Kalyani that her father has teamed up with the East India Company. Amba says you want me to tell her and then the marriage breaks, no, you never bring Gadadhar back, where is he. He just says do what we say. He threatens her about Gadadhar.

Jagabandhu comes and thanks Radha for everything. He says you lied for us, who does that. He holds her hand. She says I was just thinking, if the wedding takes place at home, how will we keep haldi rasam, I think you should tell the truth to Kalyani, she loves Mohan a lot. He says we already talked about this, I will go with Paikas and rescue Mohan, no need to tell Kalyani.

Amba thinks I should do this for Gadadhar. Maa gives a necklace to Kalyani. She says I am grateful to you for asking Jagabandhu to bring Gadadhar back for me. Amba watches. Maa says you cared about my emotions, it’s important. Kalyani says I want Gadadhar to come back, we all stick together lovingly. Amba thinks he tried to kill Kalyani, even then she wants him to come back. Paikas says we didn’t find Mohan, we’ll ask the people. Jagabandhu says no, Kalyani will hear the news. Kalyani comes and asks what happened. He sends the Paikas. He says I told about our marriage in a simple way. Kalyani says I know you’re worried, you wanted to marry me in front of everyone, now it’s happening at home, your feelings are very bad for me, you respect and love me, I’m very happy. He thinks he is protecting her joy. She says I’ve snatched all your worries, throw it away now, you’re Rodang’s Baxi, can’t you do this for me. He throws the worries away.

Maharaj becomes sad and thinks about Kalyani. Maa and Kalyani arrive. They say that the wedding will now just take place at home, it can be tiring for Radha to make arrangements. Maharaj thinks Baxi did this to preserve Kalyani’s happiness. He says I’m happy to see Kalyani get your love, now I’m not worried. He thinks he is talking to Jagabandhu. Amba goes to Jagabandhu to tell about Mohan. He asks how do you know, are you with them, you are not spared. She says no, I’ve heard Warren talk that he’s using Gadadhar to control Mohan, his life is in danger, you know I can never lie about him, save him, I know about Mohan, promise me you’ll love Mohan and Gadadhar save too. He promises to bring Gadadhar safely. She tells the address.

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Radha prevents Jagabandhu from continuing. He tells me to get Mohan to safety. She says I’ll tell Kalyani the truth if you don’t come back soon. Gadadhar fights him. Everyone is waiting for Jagabandhu.

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