Udaariyaan 7th February 2022 Written Update

Tejo Slapping Jasmin. Jasmin Says You Slapped Me, See What I Do, I Will Make You See The Hell, Stop Me If You Can. She Throws Things And Goes. Khushbeer Holds Amrik. Fateh Cries And Asks What Did You Do And Why. Amrik Says I Couldn’t See You Getting Ruined, You Were Bearing Injustice, I Tried To Explain You, You Didn’t Listen To Me. Fateh Hugs Him. Amrik Hugs Gurpreet. He Says Its No Use To Live As Cowards, I Fed The Juice To Fateh And Fainted Him, I Have Dressed Up As Groom And Worn The Sehra, Lord Wanted This, So No One Lifted My Sehra, Fateh Told Me To Live Well And Handle Everything, You Will Do All This Now.

Amrik Unites Tejo And Fateh’s Hands. He Says You Both Have The Right And Freedom To Get Your Happiness, I Want You Both To Stay Happy. Fateh And Tejo See Each Other. Gurpreet Holds Amrik And Asks What Did You Do, You Are Young, Jasmin Will Ruin Your Life. Khushbeer Says Amrik, You Have Made Me Proud, You Won Over Your Fear, Don’t Worry, Your Dad Is With You. Satti Says I Don’t Know If This Happened Right Or Wrong, I M Happy That Jasmin’s Storm Went Out Of Tejo And Fateh’s Lives. Rupy Says It Doesn’t Matter, She Will Still Ruin Them, Tejo Should Stay Away From Fateh And His Family.

Amrik Comes To His Room And Sees Jasmin Eating Some Fruits. She Asks Where Are You Going, Leaving Your Wife Alone On Wedding Night. He Says I M Going To Sleep In Other Room. She Asks Why, Are You Scared Of Me. She Locks The Door And Says You Are Brave To Marry Me, I Have Forgiven You And Accepted You As My Husband, Smile Now, Your Ladylove Is In Front Of You, Get Romantic, Its Our Suhaagraat, Relax. Gurpreet Worries For Amrik. Khushbeer Says Amrik Will Handle Jasmin, Don’t Worry. Jasmin Asks Why Are You So Scared, What Does A Wife Want From Her Husband, I Also Want It. Amrik Holds Her. She Pushes Him And Scolds Him. He Gets Scared. She Says I Have To Do Another Imp Work Now.

Fateh Talks To Tejo On Call. He Says I M Worried For Amrik. She Says I Had Prayed For A Miracle, We Should Accept This As Lord’s Decision. Jasmin Comes And Asks Fateh To Get Out. He Says This Is My Room, I Always Wanted My Room. Tejo Hears Jasmin And Says She Won’t Let Anyone Live In Peace. Jasmin Calls Amrik There And Says Explain Your Brother To Leave, Else I Will Burn His Things, Understand. Amrik Nods. She Goes. Fateh Leaves The Room. Jasmin Asks Amrik To Stay Away. Simran Says You Are Free Fateh, What Jasmin Wanted Didn’t Happen, You And Tejo Can Finally Think Of Each Other, No One Can Separate You, We Expect You Both To Unite And Get Happiness Back. Jasmin Gets Fateh And Tejo’s Pic. She Tears It. She Says I Won’t Let You Both Bond. Tejo Cries And Thinks Of Amrik’s Words. Fateh Thinks Of Her. Udaariyaan…Plays…. He Cries.

Its Morning, Gurpreet Asks Did Amrik Wake Up. Mahi Says No. Biji Says Amrik Has Become Sensible, Don’t Worry. Guests Come To Congratulate Khushbeer. Gurpreet Asks Them To Sit. The Guests Congratulate Fateh. Fateh Says Amrik Got Married. Angad Laughs And Says Jasmin And Amrik, She Would Have Gone Mad, But Fateh Got Free, He Is Single Now. Tejo Says Its Not Imp, Don’t Know What Will Jasmin Do There, Jasmin Got The Half Share Of The House. Angad Says I Will Not Let Jasmin Do Anything.

Jasmin Says I Invited The Guests, Get Snacks For Them, Give Me Gifts On Mu Dikhai If You Want To Save Your Respect, You Had Kept A Necklace For Tejo, I Want That. Gurpreet Asks What Will We Do. Khushbeer Says Give Her What She Wants. Tejo Talks To The Principal. Principal Says We Won’t Accept Fateh’s Resignation, This College Needs Him, I Will Send This Letter For Him. Tejo Asks Can You Give That Letter To Me, Thanks. She Smiles And Goes Thinking I Will Go And See What’s Happening There. Jasmin Gets The Gifts In Her Mu Dikhai. Cutie Pie…Plays…. Jasmin Checks The Necklace And Calls Gurpreet Sweet. She Talks To The Guests. She Says Now Its Fateh’s Turn To Give Me The Gift. She Goes To Him And Says He Is My Ex Husband, He Should Give Me A Gift.

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