Udaariyaan 4th December 2021 Written Update Separation

Udaariyaan 4th December 2021 Written Update Separation Rupy tells Jasmin that it was wrong of him to fill up her mind with Canada dreams, but he has now realized his mistake and burned up everything that links them to that dream. Jasmin got punished for her bad behavior, so he’s actually happy she learned a lesson. She came back and proved to him that she is really selfish, even though he ended their relationship a long time ago. He wishes that he did justice with the family before. He tells that justice has finally happened because Jasmin got punished for her sins. He asks Jasmin to leave and find another place to get a shelter. Jasmin rushes to Virk house to find out if Fateh has come home to meet his family.

Fateh’s sadness at leaving his family behind was genuine, as he had really planned for their separation and was determined to never see them again. According to him, Jasmin’s return to Sandhu and Virk’s family won’t reveal Jasmin’s truth to them. He stays in an illusion that he can hide the truth from the families. Jasmin thinks did Fateh come back home. She secretly enters the house to find him. Fateh gets spotted by Buzo, who is shocked to see him in the village. Buzo asks Fateh didn’t he go to Canada with Jasmin. Fateh reveals the truth of the fake marriage and fake trip just to take his revenge on mean Jasmin.

Buzo is shocked to realize that Fateh has ruined himself while attempting to destroy Jasmin’s evil. Fateh makes Buzo promise that he will never tell anyone of his stay in the country. He tells that he will leave the village and go somewhere far. He asks Buzo to lie to Tejo and curse him in anger if she asks about Jasmin and him. He wants Tejo to hold the anger and direct it in the right direction to move on towards her future.

Fateh is also making a similar sacrifice, that is, leaving the family and going far from them only to make Tejo happy. As well, Tejo left just to make Fateh happy. Fateh and Tejo miss each other and shed tears. How will Tejo find out Angad’s troubles and sort it out to unite him with his daughter? Does Angad see a happy future with Tejo that he doesn’t want to let go their engagement ring? Will Fateh and Tejo bear the pain of separation or land up at the same place to start a new love story? Keep reading.

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