Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021 Written Update Jasmin’s payback

sorrow. Seeing her upset, he asks her to reconsider her decision, if she truly wants to leave the village, her family, and Fateh. However, Jasmin returns home with broken dreams to Sandhu house. When she meets Rupy, she apologizes. After Fateh’s deception, she is completely shattered. The truth about Jasmin’s relationship with Fateh is revealed to Rupy. He feels his curse has struck her and really ruined her life. Fateh is also broken down. He walks on the road in a lost state of mind. He falls down and cries.

Angad and Tejo are engaged in a fake marriage, and Jasmin doesn’t want Fateh to find out. To prevent Fateh from reuniting with Tejo, she hides Tejo’s sacrifice. Fateh regrets that he failed to see Jasmin’s truth and that he always forgave her, which led her to do more wrong with Tejo. Now, he will never forgive her again. Jasmin, who played with his emotions and heart, has caused him to feel he has lost his life. Jasmin has ruined his entire life and that of his family. He does not believe that the punishment he gave her was enough for her. Therefore, he wants to stay away from Tejo and punish himself as well. It is unlikely that he will ever see Tejo again. Tejo appears in his mind and he wonders if she is there.

After apologizing to Rupy for his fake marriage drama, Fateh meets with Rupy again. Jasmin and Rupy are both at fault for the incident, according to him. According to him, he faked the marriage with Jasmin for Tejo’s sake so that she can continue her life. He adds that he wants Tejo’s happiness, that’s with Angad. He requests Rupy to not tell anything to Tejo. Rupy recollects Tejo’s words, that she had faked the engagement just for the sake of Fateh’s happiness. He realizes that Fateh and Tejo are meant to be together.

Elsewhere, Jasmin gathers her broken self and stands up once again, but for revenge. She tells Fateh that he has just seen her love and now he shall see her hatred. She promises to destroy Fateh and Tejo’s lives. Jasmin will take the police to Virk house and demand them to accept her as their Bahu. She plans to forcibly enter their house by using the law. How will Jasmin’s hatred tumble down Fateh’s life? What havoc will Jasmin bring to the Virk family? Keep reading.

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