Udaariyaan 31st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Fateh Thinking Of Nani’s Words. He Thinks To Keep An Eye On Tejo. Angad Talks To Tejo On Video Call. Tejo Says I M Taking Riya To The Fair, Take Care. Fateh Comes To Angad’s House. He Sees Tejo Leaving In The Car. His Cab Leaves. He Thinks Where Is Tejo Going. Tejo Brings Riya To The Fair. Fateh Also Comes There. He Looks For Tejo. He Sees Tejo And Smiles. He Wears A Mask. Tejo Looks At Him. He Goes. Tejo Asks For Same Mask. The Man Says It Was Just One. Riya Gets Adamant. Tejo Takes Riya And Explains Her. Fateh Goes To The Shop And Returns The Mask. He Asks The Man To Give It To The Girl. The Man Gives The Mask To Tejo. He Says He Returned The Mask. Tejo Sees Fateh’s Wallet Falling Down. She Picks It And Calls Him Out. He Runs Away.

Riya Asks Tejo To Take Her For The Rides. Tejo Asks The Lady To Take Riya. She Waits For Riya. Fateh Thinks Tejo Is There To Return Wallet To Me. Riya Gets Down The Ride. Tejo Takes Her. She Calls Out Fateh And Stops Him. She Says I Was Looking For You, Your Wallet, Please Take It… Fateh Turns. She Gets Shocked. She Looks At Him. He Walks To Her.

Nahi Saamne….Plays…. She Says You Here, You Were In Canada, Right. Riya Calls Angad And Says I Sat In The Big Ride, But Tejo Didn’t. Angad Says Tejo Gets Scared, Where Is She. Riya Shows Her. Angad Gets Shocked Seeing Tejo With Fateh. He Gets Up. He Feels Hurt. He Leaves From The Hospital. Jasmin Comes To Fateh And Shows Her Bangles. Tejo Looks On. Fateh Thinks How Did She Get Free From The Jail. Jasmin Recalls Faking A Stomach Ache And Making Stories. She Says I Just Want To Make One Call To The Doctor. She Calls The Lawyer And Says I M In Jail Because Of Your Work, Come And Free Me, Else I Will Expose You. FB Ends. Jasmin Says I Was Waiting For You Since Long. She Sees Tejo. She Says You Here, You Come Wherever Fateh Goes, He Is My Husband Now, Spare Him Now, Please. Tejo Cries. Jasmin Asks Fateh To Say Its A Lie. She Asks Did You Get Married To Angad. Angad Comes There. He Looks On. Tejo Says You Both Were In Canada, Then Here… Jasmin Says You Have Interest In Knowing Our Story. Angad Thinks What Is Jasmin Doing Here, What New Drama Are They Doing. Jasmin Says Fateh, You Should Have Told Tejo That You Got A Job In Canada, We Came Back To Take Imp Documents, Its Our Mini Honeymoon, Right Hubby. Fateh Says Of Course. Jasmin Smiles. Tejo Asks Did You Go Home. Jasmin Says No, Everyone Will Scold Us. She Says We Are Always Together, We Can Also Kiss On Roads In Canada, Can We Kiss Here, Fateh, Okay Sorry. She Asks Tejo How Is Angad. Tejo Says He Is Fine. Fateh Says Jassu, We Will Go And Have Some Food. Jasmin Says Let Me Talk To Tejo. Fateh Says Please Come. Tejo Says Fateh….. And Gives His Wallet. Sacchi Mohabbat….Plays… Tejo Cries. Fateh And Jasmin Leave. Angad Looks On.

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