Udaariyaan 2nd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Buzo said you thought you’d get married tomorrow. He makes jokes. Buzo says you have a brave heart to get Jasmin back into your life, there will be a way. Fateh says I’m trying to find a way, but now I think I have to marry Jasmin or she will ruin the family. Buzo asks about Tejo, you love her after all. Rupy asks Satti not to tell Tejo anything. He says I don’t want Tejo to attend Jasmin’s wedding. He goes. Tejo cries when he thinks of Fateh. Fateh says Tejo might be alright without me, I didn’t do anything for her, maybe someone else will give her everything she deserves, when I got forgiveness, we’re parted again, I don’t want to see Jasmin’s face.

Jasmin says thank you for bringing me all this, I’ll be glowing now, you’re both starting it now. Simran and Mahi spoil her. Nimmo says this Naagin bathes in milk, she can bite us. Gurpreet says it’s better we don’t provoke her. Jasmin asks Mahi not to stare and just focus on work. Fateh says I can’t see daddy like that, I’ve never seen him so helpless before. He is crying. He says I fell lonely, this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t left Tejo.

Satti asks Tejo to drink the milk. Tejo sees the mehendi on her hands. Satti says nothing. Tejo asks what’s going on, you look concerned. Satti says there is nothing, rest. Tejo says there’s something, you’re hiding something, where did you go, won’t you tell me. Satti asks how can I hide it from you, we had gone to Fateh’s house. She tells everything. Tejo is concerned. Satti says I’m scared, everyone in that house will go crazy. Tejo asks how much longer we will be afraid. Satti says she threatens Amrik and let her do whatever she wants, I know you love Fateh, I felt sorry for him, he will be in mandap with Jasmin. Tejo says I need to talk to Fateh.

Khushbeer remembers everything and cries. Gurpreet says we must tolerate the pain from which we have no cure. He argues. She tells me not to let my children suffer. He asks if I’m a bad father, I’m strict but I love them, everyone sees a mother’s love, but a father’s pain, I would have done anything if you hadn’t bowed, you invite to destruction. She says there is destruction on both sides, I’m ready to cry all life for my son’s safety.

Fateh comes home. He sees Tejo in the lawn. He says you’re here, everything okay. She says sorry, Satti told me everything, this will happen every day. He says I know, so I wanted to go to jail, but how am I supposed to convince mom, she thinks I’m going to marry Jasmin, at least I’m standing in front of her eyes. She says mothers are like this, they can’t bear it when their children leave, they are willing to bear good and evil, but there will be a way to explain it to her. He asks if you can explain to her, she loves me very much, she doesn’t want the pain of her son’s divorce, this is our fate now. She says I’m lost, you weren’t mine before, fate always stands between us. They see each other and cry.

He lets go of her hands and turns around. He says you’ve forgiven me, but the Lord hasn’t forgiven me, he chose a different path for me, maybe he thought of something good for him, someone who deserves more than me, we won’t meet from now on, I will be of Jasmin from tomorrow, you can’t see me with her, I can’t tolerate this, so we won’t see each other from now on. She is crying.

Jasmin calls her and says you came here to meet your lover. She jokes. She says you must come into my marriage, do not refuse, otherwise I will have to harass Amrik and send him to you. She ends the call. Tejo cries at the sight of Fateh. She leaves. Jasmin smiles and says I get a lot of rest, you must come tomorrow to see the drama and destiny of Virks change.

It’s morning, Gurpreet gives things to the pandit. She asks Mahi not to do anything wrong. Simran says yes, we have no choice but to accept this. Mahi says I hope a miracle happens. Gurpreet says I wish Tejo didn’t come, she’ll get hurt. Simran says she will come, not because Jasmin threatened her, but because she won’t leave her family in trouble alone. Navraj says that Tejo is not there. Rupy says she went to Gurudwara. Satti says Jasmin said she would do anything if Tejo doesn’t come. rupee calls. Bebe says: don’t forget that you are her father and that you have to do the kanyadaan. He cries and asks them to bury him. Harman and Bebe comfort him. Rupy says Navraj if Tejo comes, stop her here, don’t let her come here. Bebe prays for a miracle. Khushbeer asks if a miracle will happen. Gurpreet says we will accept whatever happens, don’t lose heart, otherwise what will happen to Fateh. He says thank you, you saved my pride yesterday. She says our pride is because of you, forgive me, I’ve told you all that, I’m your wife, I’ve never forgotten this, I respect you. He hugs her and says I have a lot of respect for you too. She says we will attend the wedding and tolerate the drama for the sake of our children. Fateh sees his sherwani. He talks to Buzo. He asks how can I save Amrik and my family. Buzo says I have contacts with our schoolboy Harry, we will have Jasmin kidnapped, we will take the evidence from her. Fateh says I know you want to help me, but I can’t do anything wrong, make this happen, I’m glad I’m doing this for my family. Buzo says I wish for a miracle to happen and for you to get your love. Fateh hugs him. Tejo washes kitchen utensils at the Gurudwara. She prays for a miracle that Fateh will be saved from this problem. She is crying.

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