Udaariyaan 29th December 2021 Written Update

Fateh Tells Jasmin That I Was Tejo’s Shield Before And I Will Keep Protecting Her. Until I Am Here, You Can’t Do Anything To Tejo. If You Do Anything, Then I Will Tell Our Truth To Tejo That We Never Got Married. Jasmin Recalls Tejo Confessing She Loves Fateh And Stays Quiet. He Asks What Happened? You Don’t Want Me To Tell Everything To Tejo, Right? She Thinks If He Tells The Truth, Then They Will Be Together Again.

Angad Kisses Riya And Makes Her Sleep. Tejo Thinks, Don’t Know Whose Evil Eyes Are On Angad’s Happiness. Jasmin Tells Fateh To Go Ahead And Tell The Truth To Tejo. I Am Not Scared. Go And Tell Her Who Is Trying To Move On With Angad. Tell Her That You Are Free And Available For Her. Now He Is Quiet. She Tells Him To Go And Tell The Truth, So That She Leaves Angad And Comes To You. She Grabs His Collar And Tells Him To Stop Threatening Her. She Lives Her Life On Her Terms. She Tells Her To Look At Himself. Is He A Salesman? Is He A Laborer? By Looking At Him, It Looks Like That. She Asks Him For 100 Rupees. You Don’t Have It, Right? You Should Be Ashamed. You Are Useless. You Can’t Do Anything. She Asks What You Are Doing These Days? Rectifying Your Mistake? You Should Be Doing That. But I Am Not Like You. I Know How To Turn The Game. That Is Why Today I Have Money And Mission. Until Today, You Saw My Love. But Now You Will See My Hatred. I Will Do Things With You And Tejo That You Never Imagined In Your Dreams And You Won’t Be Able To Do Anything Me. Got It? She Calls Him “Tejo’s Devdas”. She Leaves. Fateh Says, I Can’t Let This Happen. I Must Stop Jasmin Somehow. Tejo Doesn’t Even Know That Jasmin Is Here And She Wants To Take Revenge.

Angad Tells Tejo That He Was Always Scared About This. He Thinks To Take Riya And Leave The Country. She Says There Is A Solution. Get Married. If You Get Married, Then Riya Will Get Family And Mother’s Love. Riya Won’t Feel Alone And You Won’t Have To Be Scared Of Losing Her. Court Will Never Give Child To Grandparents When Her Parents Are There. He Says What If My Wife Doesn’t Love Riya. Tejo Says, If The Girl Loves You, She Will Love All Related To You. He Asks How Can He Find A Girl Like That? She Says, You Are Loving, Caring, Rich. You Will Get Any Girl Easily. He Asks You Think Like That? You Find A Girl For Me. She Recalls Seeing His Photo With A Girl And Says, I Saw There Were Many Girls In The Party Who Seemed To Be Flat On You. He Thinks In His Mind, You Are That Girl. I Know You Also Know That But Can’t Confess It. He Holds Her Hands And Says, There Is Only One Girl In My Mind And Heart… Who Will Love Riya, Take Care Of My Home, And Complete My Family. That’s You. She Looks On.

She Asks, You Are Joking, Right? She Takes Her Hands Back. You Are Always In Joking Mood, But I Am Serious Today. She Asks Who Is She? He Walks Away. She Tells Him, You Can Tell Me. We Are Good Friends And There Are No Secrets In Friends. You Know Why I Still Have This Ring. I Haven’t Forgotten Fateh Yet. My Wounds Are Still Active. She Then Says, You Won’t Say Like That. She Brings Photos In Which He Is With A Girl And Says, This Is The One, Right? He Says, Who Is She? She Lost Her Balance And I Was Just Helping Her. He Asks How You Got These Photos? She Says Someone Kept It Outside. He Says, Someone Did It Purposely, So You Think Like This. Nani Has Done It. I Am Telling You That She Will Take Riya Away From Me. Riya Calls Tejo. She Goes.

Fateh Meets Someone And Gets Some Info. Later, He Waits For The Photographer And Threatens Him To Cooperate With Him.

Jasmin Thinks, What Fateh Thinks Of Himself. He Doesn’t Know That No One Can Stop This Jasmin Now. She Gets A Call From The Photographer. He Says, The Lawyer Was Trying To Call You, But He Couldn’t Reach. There Is A Jatt (Guy).. You Have To Meet Him For The Deal. She Asks Him To Send The Address.

Angad Thinks, Nani Used This Girl To Separate Tejo From Me. I Won’t Let You Succeed, Nani. Tejo Is My Life. I Will Always Keep Her With Me. I Won’t Let Any Trouble Come To Her. I Will Protect Her, Make Her Smile, Keep Her Happy. Tejo, Riya, Angad Is A Perfect Family, A Happy Family.

Bebe Calls Tejo. Tejo Hears Rupy Coughing. Tejo Asks Whether He Is Sick. Rupy Says, I Am Fine. You Don’t Worry. She Asks Him To Tell The Truth. Angad Plans An Outing With Riya. Riya Gets Excited. Rupy Says, It’s Just A Little Fever. She Asks Why You Didn’t Tell Me. He Says, I Didn’t Want To Disturb You. He Asks How Is Angad? She Tells Him Not To Change The Topic And Says, I Am Coming There.

Angad Asks Where Are You Going? Tejo Tells Him About Rupy And Says, When He Sees Me, He Will Be Fine. Riya Requests Her Not To Go. Angad Asks, He’s Very Sick? She Says, Not Much, But I Know He Won’t Listen To Anyone. I Will Have To Go Once. Riya Doesn’t Listen And Says That She Wants To Go Out With Both Tejo And Angad. Angad Gets Little Angry. Tejo Says She Will Talk To Her And Asks Angad To Go.

Angad Thinks If Tejo Goes, Then She Will Find Out The Truth. Families Will Try To Bring Her And Fateh Together And Fateh Will Hurt Her Again. I Can’t Let This Happen.

Fateh Is In A Disguise At A Dhaba. Jasmin Comes To Meet Him. They Dance. After Dance, Jasmin Says, This Was Amazing. I Have Attended Many Parties, But None Like This. A Waiter Brings Alcohol For Fateh. Jasmin Says, Same For Me. He Says, Amazing. She Says, I Am Habitual To This And If A Guy Like You Offers It, Then Anyone Will Drink It. She Praises Him And Tries To Impress Him. Fateh Thinks, I Will Show You Your Place.

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