Udaariyaan 24th December 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 24th December 2021 Written Update Run for love Angad comes home after meeting Fateh. He meets Tejo, who rushes to him to tell about Riya’s Nani. She has an important matter to share, but Angad too has a big news for her. He asks her to listen to him first. He tells her that the person who saved her in the market was really Fateh, she was right that she had seen Fateh around. Tejo is shocked to know this. She tells that Fateh would be with Jasmin in Canada. Angad tells her that Fateh never married Jasmin and never went to Canada with her, he is in the village living an isolated life just to repent his mistakes.

He further adds that he just went to meet Fateh at Sharma’s house, where Fateh is working as a driver. Tejo is shocked to know this. She runs to meet Fateh without listening to Angad further. Angad asks her to listen to him first. She runs for her love and gets unstoppable. Tejo leaves Angad’s house just for Fateh. Angad watches her leave by making a decision to meet Fateh, and leave him/Angad behind. Angad sacrifices his love and unites Tejo and Fateh. Is this Angad’s dream or will he really take this step, knowing he will lose Tejo forever if he tells her about Fateh? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Angad tells that he will really marry Tejo if Fateh steps back. Fateh loves Tejo, but doesn’t admit in front of Angad. He makes a sacrifice of his love, but Angad still understands Fateh’s love, since Fateh couldn’t stay away from Tejo when he saw her in danger. Angad thinks of uniting the couple, while Jasmin plans to separate them. Meanwhile, Tejo speaks to Khushbeer and Gurpreet after a long time, who ask her to marry Angad soon. She makes excuses to avoid the marriage talk. She can’t tell them that she still loves Fateh, he is the only person in her heart. Tejo cries for Fateh.

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