Udaariyaan 22nd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Fateh-Tejo team scoring back to back goals. Both team score is equal. A players gets pushed and Fateh-Tejo team gets a chance to score a penalty goal. Fateh sends a defenser to kick the ball which upsets the principal and the students parents. However that player scores a goal and Fateh-Tejo team win the match. Meanwhile Jasmine opens the door and comes out. She says that she won’t leave them.

Students parents argue with the principal for bringing Fateh back and demand her to remove him. A student support Fateh and says that they won because of Fateh and the other coach gave wrong instructions. Fateh scolds that student for answering back his parents. He apologizes to the principal. He says that he only wanted their team’s victory. He asks them to celebrate the victory and begins to leave. Tejo stops Fateh. Tejo says that the other coach gave alcohol to the students so that they can lose the match as he got money for doing so. The coach comes there and says that Tejo locked him up.

Tejo admits it and exposes the coach. The principal scolds the coach. Tejo asks the parents if they want a corrupted coach or Fateh. The parents still don’t want Fateh. Tejo defends Fateh. She says that Fateh trained the students to win the match. She asks them to not judge Fateh on the bases of whatever they read on the newspapers. At last she leaves the decision upto the students’ parents.

Tejo congratulates Fateh and asks for treat. Fateh says that it’s better he stays away from the students. Tejo asks him to give her treat. He asks if she wants to treat from a defamed and dishonest person. Tejo says that she trusts that Fateh will make every fine if he gets a chance. Fateh asks what she wants to have. Tejo says gulfi. Fateh asks Tejo what she did with Jasmine. She says that she locked her up too. The students come to Fateh and clicks a photo with him.

Fateh says that they will soon get a good coach. The principal and the students’ parents come to Fateh. They apologize to him. The principal gives Fateh his job back. The students celebrate it. Jasmine fumes on seeing Fateh and Tejo’s happiness. She says that she will take revenge from Fateh and especially from Tejo during Simran-Buzzo wedding.

Fateh comes back. Jasmine tells family that Fateh got his lost job back. Amrik asks if she did it. Jasmine denies it. Just then Tejo comes back home. Jasmine says that Tejo intentionally came late so that no one doubt. She says that Tejo got Fateh his job back. Kushbeer asks what he did. Tejo says that Fateh is responsible for the college team win the match. Fateh gives credit to Tejo. Jasmine says that Fateh can’t do anything without Tejo. She says that Tejo should be awarded for this. She removes the rope.

Jasmine says that she allows Tejo to come to their side till Simran-Buzzo’s wedding. She invites Tejo for Simran and Buzzo’s wedding. Tejo says that Jasmine can’t do anything without any reason. Simran hugs Tejo saying that this is her best gift for her wedding. Jasmine thinks that Tejo’s presence is very important.

Simran is mehndi function is going on. Simran is worried on seeing Jasmine’s excitement for her wedding. Tejo reassures her. Fateh asks Jasmine what games she’s playing. Jasmine says that she’s not playing any game and asks Fateh to move away as she asks to look after the engagement. Fateh warns Jasmine. He says that he won’t tolerate any trouble in his sister’s wedding. Jasmine denies it. Tejo also comes there and asks Jasmine what her plan is.

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