Udaariyaan 20th December 2021 Written Update Troubles for Tejo

Udaariyaan 20th December 2021 Written Update Troubles for Tejo Angad looks for Riya desperately. Tejo is upset that Angad sends her home in anger. Tejo is responsible towards Riya. She had been taking care of Riya well, but didn’t know that danger will hover around in the form of an unknown enemy, Jasmin. Tejo isn’t at fault, because she has fallen prey to Jasmin’s evil conspiracy. Angad fails to find Riya. He returns home empty-handed in a hopeless and raged state. Tejo enquires about Riya. Angad lectures her when she teaches him about child’s safety. He asks her how can she teach him about Riya’s safety when she is responsible for Riya’s disappearance. He tells that Riya has got kidnapped when Tejo was present there.

Tejo asks him where is he going now. He asks her to leave him alone. He rebukes Tejo. This sight pleases Jasmin, who stays outside the house and keeps an eye on Tejo’s plight. She tells that Tejo will be soon ousted from Angad’s life, she can enjoy a luxurious life in the lavish house for some more time until Angad throws her out. She tells that Tejo shouldn’t even get a place roadside. She wants to see Tejo in the worst imaginable state, due to her immense hatred. How will Angad find Riya? Will Jasmin release Riya after proving Tejo irresponsible? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Tejo calls Angad and informs him how she lost Riya. Angad is in shock. She informs him that she got Riya to the supermarket, but the latter is nowhere. Angad asks her not to worry, he is coming. He runs out of his office to reach Tejo and find Riya. Angad tells that he will not let anything happen to Riya. He suspects if Riya’s Nani took her away. He thinks Tejo made a wrong move by taking Riya outside and putting her into risk. Jasmin lies to Riya and takes her too far. Riya thinks its a surprise from Angad. Tejo and Angad look for Riya everywhere, but fail to find her. Angad angrily sends Tejo home. He doesn’t want to hear anything from her. Jasmin succeeds in creating a rift between them. Stay tuned.

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