Udaariyaan 1st February 2022 Written Update

Rupy Thanking Angad. Satti Says Tejo Is Completely Broken. He Says She Needs A Friend Like You. Angad Says I M Here, I Will Not Leave Her Alone, And Not Let Her Break, Anyways Where Is She. Tejo Recalls Fateh’s Words. Someone Knocks The Door. She Says I Will Have Breakfast Later. Angad Says I Didn’t Get It. She Says You… Did You Have Any Work. He Says Its Imp Work To End Troubles Of A Troubled Friend, I Planned A Surprise, Come. She Says No More Surprises. He Says You Should Not Lose Courage, If You Don’t Come, Then My Hardwork Will Be Ruined.

Jasmin Comes Home And Dances. He Asks Dhillon Why Is Everything Looking So Pale. She Says Look At Them, They Look So Helpless. Dhillon Says Give Me 2 Mins. He Calls The Girls. The Girls Come In And Dance. Angad Says Don’t Worry, I Will Handle Everything. Rupy Holds His Hand. Angad And Tejo Leave. Rupy Says Just Angad Can Keep Her Happy. Satti Says Tejo Loves Fateh. He Says I Pray That Tejo Gives A Place To Angad In Her Heart, I Can Never Forgive Fateh. Satti Says Jasmin Won’t Let Anyone Stay In Peace There. Jasmin Dances With The Girls. Biji Holds Her Head In Disappointment. Everyone Looks On. Jasmin Asks The Girls To Prepare For Next Dance. She Says Clap For Me, Fine, I Will Clap. She Asks Shall I Sit, Biji, Why To Ask You, I Got This Sofa. She Sits And Asks For Ginger Tea. She Forwards Her Leg And Stops Gurpreet. She Asks When Will Mahi Help You, Ask Her To Get The Tea. She Asks Mahi To Make A Good Tea. She Laughs And Taunts Her. Mahi Throws Some Showpiece And Goes. Jasmin Ask What’s This Mahi. Gurpreet Says Sorry, I Will Pick It. Jasmin Says Explain Her Not To Anger Me, Else Her Condition Will Also Be Amrik. Angad And Tejo Come To A Dhaba Launch. The Dhol Plays. He Introduces Vimla Ji. Vimla Says I Wanted Some Workers To Run The Dhaba, And They Needed Employment, This Became Possible Because Of You, We Want You To Inaugurate The Dhaba. Angad Says Small Steps Can Make A Big Difference. Tejo Looks At Him.

Jasmin Says Enough Of Mehendi, Now Gurpreet Should Get It. Gurpreet Says No, Later. Nimmo Asks Gurpreet Not To Get Scared And Listen To Her Always. Jasmin Asks Gurpreet To Come. Simran Asks Jasmin Why Is She Forcing Gurpreet. Jasmin Says Don’t Spoil My Mood Else Everything Will Spoil. Mahi Asks Her Not To Force. Jasmin Says Everyone Has To Become A Part Of My Function. Mahi Says I Will See How You Do This. Jasmin Says Don’t Forget That You Are Hiding A Criminal In The House, You All Will Also Get Jailed For Hiding Him, Better Enjoy The Function And Smile. Tejo Cuts The Ribbon. Everyone Smiles. Angad Asks Vimla For Her Special Food Dishes. Jasmin Hugs Her Friends. Inspector Palak Comes There. Nancy Says She Is My Cousin, She Is In Punjab Police, Tell Me If You Have To Get Someone Behind Bars. Jasmin Says I Will Say. Gurpreet Asks Them To Accept Jasmin. Nimmo Says She Will Dance On Our Head. Gurpreet Says We Will Apply Mehendi For Amrik And Fateh. Nimmo Goes To Get The Mehendi. Jasmin Says You Are Very Sensible, You Understood How I Will Trouble Your Son, Explain Them To Behave Well. She Dances With Her Friends. Angad Likes The Food. Vimla Asks Him To Try Gulab Jamuns. Tejo Dances With The Ladies. Angad Calls Someone. He Asks Did You Find Out What I You, I Want It Soon, Yes. Amrik Comes. He Sees Palak. Jasmin Asks Him To Come. Palak Says I Will Go Now By Cab. Jasmin Says Wait, Amrik You Drop Her To The Police Station. Fateh Looks On. Jasmin Troubles Amrik. Gurpreet And Everyone Get Sad. Jasmin Says Do My Big Work While Coming. Fateh Thinks What Does She Want To Do Now. Jasmin Says Pick My Parents, They Don’t Have Car, Make Sure They Get Decked Up. Amrik Asks How Will They Come. She Says They Will Come, Relax Now, Go. Amrik Goes. Jasmin Shouts Do Come In My Atrangi Marriage.

Angad Asks What Happened. Tejo Says Jasmin Is Celebrating Mehendi And Sangeet Today, Don’t Know What Is She Doing. Rupy Says What Will We Do There, We Can’t Face Your Family. Satti Says We Can’t Come With You. Amrik Cries And Says She Will Trouble The Family, If You Come, Then She Will Get Happy. Rupy Says Fine, Don’t Take Tension, We All Will Come With You. Navraj Says Dilraj And I Won’t Come, Tejo Also Won’t Come. Fateh Asks Bau Ji To Come. He Thinks I M Not Able To Do Anything. Amrik, Rupy And Everyone Come. Jasmin Says My Family Has Come, Sorry, I Can’t Join Hands With Mehendi. She Shows Her Mehendi. She Asks Where Is Tejo. Rupy Says She Didn’t Come. She Taunts. She Says Everyone Has To Come In My Atrangi Marriage, Sorry, I Can’t Take The Laddoo Box, Amrik Come And Help. Satti Says We Don’t Want To Have Laddoo. Jasmin Says Its Marriage Laddoo, Not Any Medicine, You Have To Eat It. Amrik Says Please Have It For My Sake. He Feeds The Laddoos To Everyone. Gurpreet Hugs Satti. They Cry. Jasmin Dances. Fateh Hears The Loud Music. He Looks Out. He Sees Jasmin Dancing With The Girls. Fateh Thinks I Can’t See My Family Getting More Insult, Jasmin I Will End Your Drama.

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